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Go Knots 3D Mod APK 13.4.2 (Unlimited Money, no ads)

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Billy Gray - 29/09/2021

Download Go Knots 3D mod APK - latest version - free and jump into a brand new puzzle game, untying knots and solving tricky challenges!

Go Knots 3D is a new puzzle game from Rollic Games which involves untying all sorts of complicated knots. Sure, in Boy Scouts they might have taught you how to tie knots, but this game is all about unravelling that hard work. This is a fresh logic and puzzle game that puts your brain to the test with colorful level design and plenty of levels to work your way through. Some claim the game is a bit too easy, but that’s really up for you to decide!


Once you’ve worked your way through the first ten levels, that really only exist to teach you the basic premises of the game, things do start to get a bit more challenging. As you progress through the game you do have to watch adverts (this is a mobile game, after all), and you can collect bonus rewards and unlock more with the in-game currency. While earning coins doesn’t offer any rewards yet, the developers have stated that there will be unlockables coming in a future update, so worth downloading now to get a headstart.

Best Features of Go Knots 3D

Puzzle games are very popular on Android, so why should you download Go Knots 3D? Well, first of all, it’s brand new, so you get to enjoy the game right out of the door. Next, it’s pretty simple to understand, and trickier to actually solve some of the later puzzles. All the different colored chains do start to get confusing, especially if you’re a colorblind gamer. Untangle the different chains to progress quickly through the levels, and use your brain to smash the more tricky ones!


Puzzle Games on Android Are Good For Your Brain

Puzzle games have never been more important, and Go Knots 3D really puts your brain through the works. Often compared to completing a crossword or Sudoku challenge, a well-crafted puzzle game is great daily exercise for your brain. Keeping your mind sharp is much easier when you’re actually enjoying the process of learning how to beat lots of different challenge levels. All the reviews on the Play Store are pretty positive so far, although some do say that the devs should make some of the untying challenges a bit more difficult!

Puzzle Games Are Best When They Have Lots of Levels

All the top puzzle games on Android are the ones with plenty of levels to work through. Whether it’s a word game, brain-training game, or a fun physics-based game like Go Knots 3D, the ones that are successful are those which keep you playing for longer. Thankfully, this game has tons of levels, stretching into the hundreds. The further you go, the more chains you’ll need to untie, with even more colors and trickier levels. There’s no hint system in the game so you’re just going to have to try your best!


Intuitive Controls Make It Easy To Play Go Knots 3D

It’s simple to play Go Knots 3D, and untying a knot is as simple as pressing your finger on the screen. One thing that sets great puzzle games apart is their control system, especially when you’re playing on a phone. With something as fiddly as knots, it’s great that this game has provided such a simple way of completing the puzzles. Once you’ve got used to dragging and dropping the different colored hoops, you’ll find it much easier to continue untangling all the tricky puzzles. There are already a few Go Knots 3D level guides online which you can check out if you start to get stuck!


Tips And Tricks For The High Levels In Go Knots 3D

With hundreds of levels to play through, Go Knots 3D definitely starts to get harder. You’ll find there are more than two different types of colors, multiple pegs, some empty, some full, and lots of overlapping chains. The colors can start to get confusing if you aren’t paying close attention. We recommend taking the time in each level to inspect the chains closely before you make your move - if you make a wrong move you might just confuse yourself even more!

Go Knots 3D Mod APK - Unlimited money, No ads

Download the new version of Go Knots 3D to play this exciting new puzzle game, mod unlimited money in game. Ad-free!

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