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GHC (Demo)

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Comprehensive and feature-packed application that makes it simple for you to thoroughly organize all aspects of a school timetable

Peñalara GHC is a very comprehensive and configurable piece of software designed to help you create relevant weekly timetables for almost all types of education institutions like elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

Three-part timetable generator that offers way more than first meets the eye

In short, this smart timetable generator is capable of finding the best schedule solutions based on user-defined requirements in regards to elements such as the available subjects, as well as lists of students, teachers, and classrooms.

Before we dive a deeper into detail, it's worth mentioning that this utility is comprised out of three distinct elements as follows: the engine, the planner, and the editor.

Since this is a bulky app, in terms of features at least, it might be a good idea to first check out the provided video tutorials on the app's official website.

Here are some of the reasons why Peñalara GHC is worthy of your attention

One of the most significant advantages of the app, besides its efficient engine responsible for optimizing and finding the best possible schedule based on a series of conditions, is the fact that it allows you to establish the conditions and preferences using various templates.

Even more importantly, these conditions can have different levels. For instance, they can either be compulsory conditions (the app always needs to meet them) or optional (meaning that the app will only meet them if possible).

You can even plan teacher's meetings, and a wide array of other complementary activities. The editor allows you to move, edit, delete and access all sort of timetable configurations and it's definitely one of the app's most versatile tools.

Effortlessly create timetables based on literally any requirements

Taking everything into account, Peñalara GHC is a well-thought-out app that is perfectly capable of generating timetables based on all your requirements and conditions. You solely need to provide the app with information regarding the classrooms, subjects, classes, teachers, groups, and it should take care of everything on its own, no extra hassle required.

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