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Getscreen.me 2.6.3 (Freemium)

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Connect to multiple computers to transfer files, provide assistance or deal with various work tasks using this simple and straightforward tool

Getscreen.me is a tool that enables you to access other computers remotely via the browser. According to the developer, the connection can be established from any device – computer, tablet and mobile phone – and from the latest versions of the commonly used browsers.

Supports file transfers and clipboard features

The application does not require installation, so you can use it as soon as you download it to the desired location. However, if you aim for permanent access to remote computers, you may need to install the client and create an account.

The program supports chats and calls, so you can easily communicate with the operator of the remote computer using the built-in voice call hardware. Moreover, during sessions you can easily transfer files between computers in both directions or copy and paste text just as simple as you would on a local computer. The app allows multiple connections and allows you to conveniently switch between monitors.

Comes with several monitoring and management features

It is worth mentioning that the tool supports permanent access to several workstations, case in which you are required to create an account. Providing you completed this little step, you can benefit from continuous access with no extra passwords or links, share access with or without time limits, session history as well as a single control center that lets you manage an office from your personal account.

Although not implemented yet, the developer intends to add extra handy features in the future, such as one-time codes and network monitoring, which allows you to check the statuses of various network variables, like performance, drive capacity or traffic.

A remote desktop access solution that ensure a secure connection

Since the importance of security nowadays cannot be stressed enough nowadays, the tool includes crypto-resistant encryption via the direct P2P network, meaning that you can connect directly to the remote computer without any intermediaries. Last, but not least, Getscreen.me employs dedicated IP addresses that are completely independent, whereas the connection is done using WebRTC.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONIn the free version, you solely have: 1 connection at a time 15 minutes duration of connection 2 Number of computers for permanent access 50MB Maximum size of transferred files

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