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G App Launcher for Firefox 24.1.0 (Freeware)

2 years ago 110

Access all the relevant Google services directly from Firefox's toolbar with the help of this streamlined and user-friendly extension

What's new in G App Launcher for Firefox 24.1.0:

Added many new shortcuts, including Cursive, Task Mate, Games on Play and My AdMob page. Updated shortcuts selection interface to be more user friendly. Many under the hood improvements and fixes.

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Considering the massive spike in popularity that Google has seen over the past decade, there’s little to no surprise that most of its services are now a big part of our online daily lives. That said, there’s a very good chance that a day does not go by without you having to resort to one of Google’s top-notch services, be it Gmail, or Google Calendar, or even the useful Google Drive.

Access Google services a lot faster with the help of this nifty tool

Google Shortcuts for Firefox is a small yet very handy extension that aims to help you save a bit of time by providing a quick way to access a great array of Google services directly from your browser’s toolbar.

By default, the extension features quick access to Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, Translate, Drive, Keep, Maps, YouTube, News, Inbox, and Google+. For the average day to day user, this list might prove to be enough, however, one of the best features of this extension is the fact that it allows users to custom entries.

By clicking on the sprocket shaped button from the extension’s main window, users can access the Settings section where they are provided with a list of some of the most popular Google services out there. Even better, the extension allows users to add any number of custom websites or web services.

Highly customizable extension

From the same Settings section, users are also provided with the option of tweaking the extension’s behavior. Users can set up the extension to open shortcuts in a new tab, or open them in new tabs on the browser’s new tab page.

In addition, the extension provides users with four good-looking icons to choose from, and allows them to reset all the settings to default, as well as to important and export the settings with no more than a few mouse clicks.

To conclude, Google Shortcuts for Firefox offers a fast and convenient way of accessing some of Google’s most popular web services directly from the browser’s toolbar. What’s most surprising about this extension is the level of customizability it provides, especially the fact that it allows users to add non-Google services to the list.

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