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Foot Clinic - ASMR Feet Care Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlimited money)

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Phil Castillo - 12/11/2021

Download Foot Clinic ASMR Feet Care Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Become a foot doctor and treat various foot related issues.

Have you ever wondered what the life of a foot doctor would entail? Well, that career is definitely not an easy one, as you are soon to find out. Scrape the scabs off patients’ feet, handle pedicures, and much more. Experience every aspect of the medical field and download Foot Doctor ASMR Feet Care for Android.

Operating on Clients

Your operating room is swarming with a line of patients. What will you do? The only thing you can do, operate and heal each and every one of them.

Once you’ve successfully mended your client, they will award you with money. Additionally, you will earn extra experience that will go towards your tool arsenal. The more experienced foot doctor you become, the more tool can be used at your disposal.


There’s also a little added bonus: Once you finish working on a client, you’ll hear a jingle and they will perform a quick dance for you.

Keep your eyes peeled: Sometimes high-end clients will come in with wads of cash in hand. Thus, always make sure to tend to them with the upmost of care.

You can use the money you’ve earned to further improve your operating room. Add various decorations and furniture to give your office a more comforting and personalized look to it. Does the operating room have a bit of a dull vibe? Just add an extra plant to brighten the mood. Likewise, if it ever feels too empty, just add a new table in the corner.

Tools list

Here is a list of the tools available to unlock with experience in the game:

  • First is the Scraper, which is available from the beginning. You can use this to remove any scabs on the bottoms of someone’s feet.
  • Next, you have the pedicure tool. This tool can be used to rejuvenate any black heads or blemishes on your feet. They should not only be clean, but look good as well.
  • The Tweezers and Pedicure Scissors are used for removing nails. This can be useful if there is gunk building under someone’s toenail.
  • Soap & Flusher is used to wash away any dirt, grime, and gunk under a client’s toenails. Nobody wants that crust to build up and have smelly toes, right?
  • Now, the Foot Rasp is used to remove all excess dead skin. Not only this, but the tool is useful for fixing any broken or damaged skin on your foot.
  • Pedicure Pliers are used to remove the damaged layer of toenails. When they build up a lot of crust and decay, it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Long toenails? Looking a little bit like bigfoot? That’s where the Toenail Clippers come in. You’ll need these in order to manage the length of your clients’ toenails.
  • Finally, the last tool is the Foot-Care Cream. You’ll need this to take care of many old or dry feet. They are easily distinguishable by the grayness and dullness associated around their feet.


Foot Clinic ASMR Feet Care is displayed in some of the most basic and bare-bones 3D graphics you’ll ever see. Every is so plain and simple, with little to almost no detail involved. However, the visuals don’t necessarily take away from the entertainment value of the game. Anyone can still enjoy the game with or without noticing the graphics.

Foot Clinic ASMR Feet Care Mod APK Free Download

You can download the modified version of the APK from here. The only difference between versions is slightly more polish in the modified version.

Choose whichever version suits you most. Just, make sure to take care and work your best to ensure a smooth career as a foot doctor.

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