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FlowPaper Desktop Publisher 3.5.4 (Demo)

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A useful and versatile desktop publisher software that enables you to add video, links and images so you can create interactive page flip publications

Working as a publicist often requires you to handle numerous documents and fine-tweak them before releasing them to the public, which can be a challenging activity, especially if you lack an appropriate set of tools that can simplify your job.

In the situation depicted above, FlowPaper Desktop Publisher is one of the applications that can greatly reduce time spent performing last-minute adjustments, thus enhancing your workflow.

Edit, preview and publish

FlowPaper Desktop Publisher can help you publish PDFs from your computer, but also enables you to perform some editing and preview the resulting document before releasing it to the general public.

When importing the file you want to process, you can select from an extensive selection of formats, depending on your preferences. You can find templates for online, offline and phone applications, such as catalogs, brochures, magazines, books, EPUBs or PhoneGap applications.

Insert images, videos and links

In the Edit category, you can access a series of controls that are meant to help you insert URLs, images or videos into the document you are about to publish.

Inserting a link lets you choose from a series of actions, such as navigating to the URL, sending an email to a given address, calling a phone number, navigating to a page number or executing a JavaScript. Adding an image requires a local file from your PC and lets you turn the image into a hyperlink object. Videos can be embedded from service or self-hosted, depending on your needs.

Numerous configuration options

Aside from the features mentioned above, FlowPaper Desktop Publisher lets you change the document's behavior by selecting the language, start page, starting mode, zoom transition, zoom time, but also lets you view page thumbnails and customize styling, controls and output parameters.

You can set the document's title, choose a template, insert a background image and configure background, gradient, arrow and panel colors. Additionally, it is possible to enable shared and desktop controls by ticking their checkboxes and also specify the output format and content quality from the Output category.

PDF publisher that packs several relevant features

To sum it up, FlowPaper Desktop Publisher is a handy application that enables you to publish PDFs, while also letting you edit and preview them beforehand. It comes with a stylish, rich interface, packs intuitive functions and allows you to insert additional objects into your document.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONUse 1 publisher workstation You can only display and publish the first 10 pages of a document Watermark Nag screen

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