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FlowCrypt for Firefox 8.1.5 (Freeware)

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Secure your emails and corresponding sensitive data with this Firefox extension that allows you to send digitally encrypted messages and attachments

Keeping private stuff safe has been an issue of the ages. This roughly transferred to today’s digital realm, and all things user-related, such as email messages and their content, became subject of potential intrusions, and therefore in need of protection. FlowCrypt for Firefox, just like its Chrome counterpart, will offer users a specialized tool for protecting their email messages, through security services, which offers a versatile range of features that address digital signatures, encrypting, and password-protecting messages.

Multiple security which can be defined right after deploying the extension makes for an efficient setup process

Right after the swift deployment process, users will need to set up an account in order to be able to use the extension. Having done that, they can proceed to access its capabilities, and one of the first things that they need to define is an encryption key.

Conveniently, the extension is equipped with a password strength assessment tool, which manages to offer a good indication of your selected key. Furthermore, having defined it, users can jump right ahead and proceed with the email client integration, which is quite straightforward.

Define a strong encryption key and start sending and receiving email messages in a protected way

With the encryption key defined and the functionality integrated into the email client, for instance, Gmail, and upon completion, users will have access to a dedicated “Secure Compose” button, which allows for direct, encrypted message composition.

The ease-of-use that is provided by the dedicated button, in conjuncture with the encryption key (which needs to be used on both sender and recipient in order to be able to preview the sent and received messages), makes the entire message secure process a breeze.

Useful security extension that offers seamless integration with email providers such as Gmail, for sending and receiving encrypted content

This elegant solution for protecting your email messages through encryption offers its capabilities distilled into an unobtrusive and intuitive browser extension.

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