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FlixTV APK 1.1 (No Ads)

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Leo Logan - 28/11/2022

Do you want an all-in-one streaming app that features movies, shows, and live channels? Download FlixTV APK now and get a variety of content for free today!

Streaming has become a more popular word today, thanks to numerous platforms. Now, we can stream movies and music over various devices with the help of the internet. This means that we can enjoy a wide range of entertainment from multiple apps on our phones.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate streaming app today, FlixTV is the best one! This app doesn’t just let you stream movies and shows but live channels worldwide as well!

flix tv apk android

Published by GL33CH3R Development, this app lets you stream the latest movies and web series popular today. New movies and shows are being added all the time that you can stream as much as you want. You can also get recommendations based on your viewing history so you can watch similar movies and shows!

Add movies and shows now to your watch list and enjoy them with everyone. You can also create an account with five profiles here that are all unique and independent.

Enjoy Movies and Shows with FlixTV

Streaming has become so popular nowadays that even artists have an account on the most popular streaming platforms. These streaming platforms allow users to watch movies and shows at their own time and pace whenever they want. They also don’t need to wait for new episodes as most shows can be binge-watched here!

But the majority of streaming platforms today only offer movies and shows to users. If you want a streaming platform that also provides live TV channels, then you’ll need to download FlixTV!

flix tv apk download latest version

This app is the complete streaming platform today as it offers a lot of movies, shows, and TV channels. In terms of movies and shows, you can watch many of them here as new ones are regularly added. There are plenty of classic and new ones from all over the world that you can watch here.


From Breaking Bad to Despicable Me, there are so many movies and shows to watch here! Then, you can also get personal recommendations based on your watching history.

Most importantly, you can enjoy plenty of live TV channels as well!

Features of FlixTV

If you want a complete streaming app, then you must download FlixTV now! This app offers the best features today:

A Complete Streaming Experience – If you see the contents of a person’s smartphone today, you’ll most likely see at least one streaming app. Nowadays, we can get quick entertainment from our smartphones thanks to streaming apps. We no longer need to pay for cable subscriptions today to watch the latest movies and shows!


With these streaming apps, we’re able to stream on-demand and at affordable prices. But with FlixTV, you can get so much more than a regular streaming app.

Here, you can watch the latest movies and shows just like a regular streaming app. You can also create up to 5 profiles that you can share with your friends and family members. Then, you can get personal recommendations so that you can watch more shows and movies!

Next, you’ll also be able to watch the news thanks to a host of live TV channels available here. You can also download videos for offline use in this app!


flixtv apk

Watch movies and shows – We all know that there are plenty of movies and shows being made every single day. In FlixTV, you can catch all of the latest movies and shows as well as some classics. Enjoy a movie night with friends and family as you browse a plethora of categories!

Enjoy the action, romance, comedy, sci-fi, documentaries, horror, thriller, and many more genres today. Some many movies and shows are being added regularly here!

Get recommendations – This app follows an algorithm that allows you to get suggestions based on your viewing history. For instance, if you’ve watched a movie like Inception, then you might get some recommendations like Interstellar, Shutter Island, and more.

flix tv apk mod apk

As you can see, the app will recommend similar movies and shows to the ones you’ve finished. This is so you won’t ever run out of things to watch!

Live TV channels – What makes this app unique even among top streaming platforms are the live TV channels! Here, you can stream various channels worldwide to watch the news, sports, documentaries, and many more.

Stream channels like Aljazeera, A Spor, MBC, RTLZWEI, TRT 1, Shop CJ and more now!

Create 5 Profiles – With just one account, you can create up to 5 profiles! Each profile is unique, and it can be personalized for their own viewing experience. Enjoy notifications and plenty of movies and shows now.

FlixTV APK Download – Latest version

If you want to enjoy movies, shows, and TV channels, then download FlixTV now! Get the complete streaming experience now!

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