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First Refuge: Z

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Updated on March 16, 2022

First Refuge: Z APK is a survival zombie theme game. You must survive, find a way to fight, and build an epic base for the future by yourself. Everything has to be planned and done step by step.

Introduce about First Refuge: Z

Battle the zombie invasion, the fate of humanity rests on your shoulders.


First Refuge: Z opens the world to ruin after a terrible virus spread everywhere and turned everyone into bloodthirsty rampaging zombies. The few survivors gathered together, coexisting, fighting, facing zombies, and the survivors losing their humanity. Together, under the leadership of a talented leader, they will build a strong and permanent base of refuge.

Progress in the game is the entire long journey mentioned above. To do all of that, you need to have a brave heart, a tenacious fighting spirit, and above all a scientific strategy. Have a strategy, have a plan, everything will happen faster.

First Refuge: Z puts you in the role of a talented commander of a group of survivors on Earth. You will lead people to search for tools, materials, fight zombies, and other evil greedy people who are trying to take everything from your group.


First Refuge: Z is exactly a survival game, but has added elements of combat and construction tactics.

You will start with the first bricks collected on the way. Then expand into different function rooms for those who are still alive in the group to live safely. The underground city will gradually take shape, bringing new hope of survival to mankind.

Of course, you can’t do this alone. Your people are many, in addition to combat missions, you can assign a lot of different tasks to each of them. Assigning jobs is also a way to increase your loyalty and some special characters in the game.

At the same time, the line of defense can’t be ignored. Before reaching Underground Fortress, you and your team have to work hard, even some people have suffered casualties and turned into zombies. That difficult path cannot be repeated. And the city you and everyone else are building is the only way out for humanity. So be extremely careful.

You need to reset the battle group for the city to prevent the worst and even destroy the zombies that are sniffing near. A powerful fighting army from mighty heroes that the game brings will help you show off your field tactics. Each hero in the ranks has its own story, distinct attributes, and unique combat skills. Each of them will help you in a completely different way.

Once you have an army of 4 of the most powerful heroes in the group, you can retake some of the lands that were once occupied by zombies and attack other players’ territories. Remember that your veteran battle group is limited to a maximum of 4 people. You have to think carefully about the role and team formation so that the skills of one person complement the other. Any failed war will bring huge losses, signaling the doom of the city you are building.

First Refuge: Z is more about strategy than action

First Refuge: Z is completely different from other zombie games we have ever known. Instead of focusing on combat, First Refuge: Z chooses strategy as the highlight. Starting from the point of view that for humanity to survive and survive for a long time, it is necessary to take a deeper and more reckless move, but it is not possible to continue fighting for life. Much of the game’s time revolves around gathering materials, building an underground base, and building the perfect army to defend this new human city.

My experience when playing First Refuge: Z is that at first, I should focus on building a base, in the future, I will let everyone do it themselves and I will go to train 4 heroes in the battle group. Then from there collect more furniture to build as quickly as possible. The battle group will watch and fight the zombies if they find a way to come.

Don’t think about reclaiming lost lands or taking over someone else’s base. You should focus on building your base first. When you feel your base is strong enough, you can conquer other lands.

Summary of the main features of the game First Refuge: Z

  • Command an army to fight zombies and conquer the wastelands to save humanity
  • Build a unique solid underground fortress
  • Add to the group, foster and manage the survivors so that they become talented warriors
  • The game has many heroes with their own fighting styles and abilities for you to choose from
  • Team up, form alliances, and strategize accordingly

Download First Refuge: Z APK for Android

The graphics of First Refuge: Z is similar to the legendary horror games we have known, the 3D modeling is quite standard, the background is dark but clear. The battle screen, shooting bullets at zombies is also quite epic. The strategy takes up a lot of time in the game. First Refuge: Z is worth playing if you love the zombie theme and like the construction fighting style with a bit of depth.

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