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Final Gear

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December 13, 2021 (1 min ago)
Final Gear
Android 5.0

Final Gear APK helps you fulfill your secret dream: transform into hot sexy female warriors. And the girls’ talent is not casting magic spells but sniping. Sounds interesting!

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Giới thiệu Final Gear

Super attractive sniper heroine game! 

Traditional gameplay and attractive appearance

Final Gear is a scene-scrolling action game with characters constantly moving forward while performing assigned tasks from time to time. But it’s not as peaceful or romantic as you might think. You must also fight so hard as the role-playing sexy female warriors are exactly crazy fighting machines.

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Of course, with six character classes divided from the beginning, including Blaster, Striker, Bomber, Sniper, Gunner, and Guardian, they all have different skills and strengths. Much of their strength will depend on the weapon at hand (sniper rifles) and a few other supporting items for the sexy heroine warriors (iron chain, swords…) These items obviously help increase combat power and add melee abilities to female warriors.

But it’s not over yet guys.

Now let’s see the special feature of Final Gear. Each of the female warriors here, in addition to the main and secondary weapons, is also equipped with a huge fighting set. The purpose is to help the combat become more complex, superior, and epic. Each set includes 3 details: Body Armor, Footwear, and Back Protector. Initially, these items are only at the elementary level enough to rush to the battlefield. But later on, when you get a lot of victories, they will also be upgraded and become more powerful. The upgrade is divided by level gradually. The higher the level, the more opportunities the warriors have to become Generals on the battlefield with a much more complex and massive appearance than the original.

In the bombardment combats, there are thousands of opportunities to show tactical intelligence and combat prowess

In each battle, you must move forward while constantly fighting enemies and overcoming obstacles. In the whole process, you have to coordinate all the skills reasonably and timely. Each team consists of 4 female warriors. You are the one who directly appoints whom to choose among your female gunner warriors. And that’s also when the player’s judgment and strategic thinking clearly show. You will have to arrange the squad to balance the roles of attack, defense, and support. And each girl can have the opportunity to do their role well. The shooting style and the way of using support weapons must also be calculated carefully so that the formation is really closed, making it difficult for the enemy to break the siege.

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This team of 4 heroines includes 1 main character (corresponding to the largest avatar on the screen) who you directly control and the remaining 3 people who will be controlled automatically by machines. From the very beginning, you can choose which direction your squad goes to fight. For example, Wide-area damage, Continuous movement, or Focusing on attack…? Choosing which direction to go and how to arrange the formation depends on your strategic mind after considering the enemy formation on the other side.

It is a scene-scrolling fighting game. You may have to fight quite a lot. But keep one thing in mind: just achieving the ultimate goal which is usually to capture the enemy base. You can choose the shortest path where you will fight the least yet still complete the task. Or you can choose a tough road where you face the enemy all the time. The decision and choice are all up to the player.

Graphics and characters

The game has been highly appreciated by many players from the first impression of the charming, beautiful waifu female warriors who fight like gods. In my opinion, Final Gear is also attractive in its fierce gameplay, intense fighting, and excellent lighting and explosive effects. Amid such a diverse character line, each bullet, each knife slash, and each girl’s flight scenes still stand out. Could you imagine how exciting the battlefield is? The art of arrangement is something I’m sure to praise all the time while playing the game.

Final Gear for Android

The sound is also a great fortune of the game. Characters are well voiced. When fighting, the girls are also described very well in the conflicts, no one loses to anyone with their very cute and sexy screams. 

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What a beautiful scene-scrolling Sniper waifu game in the world! I’m sure that both men and women will be blown away when playing Final Gear. A game work that is colorful in both visuals and sounds like this must not be missed.

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