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November 25, 2021 (13 seconds ago)
FIFA Mobile 22
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We don’t know where the famous FIFA game series will go in the future, but for now, let’s temporarily put aside all the rumors to fully enjoy the BETA version of FIFA Mobile 22 APK.

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Introduce about FIFA Mobile 22

FIFA Mobile 22 is the latest version of the FIFA series on mobile. Still the tense matches, still the cool 3D graphics, still the controls that are so familiar from the previous parts. But FIFA Mobile 22 has many interesting new features that previous games have not been able to do.

The gameplay is the same but the feeling is much different

Playing FIFA in the previous version, I felt most inhibited when the ball dribbled close to the goal to prepare to score a spectacular goal, then it was clear that the aim was very accurate, but the foot still missed the ball. There aren’t too many such errors, but they still pop up sometimes, making me just want to throw the phone out the window.

FIFA Mobile 22 for Android

But when it came to FIFA Mobile 22, things were different. Still the classic traditional gameplay of the legendary FIFA series. The general rule is to choose the team, arrange the line-up, control any member with the goal of getting the ball into the opponent’s goal. During the game, you can join your superstar player to perform many superb shots, some of which are worth a record in football history. Or accompany a new player to honor the team and level up skills gradually. It is true that almost everything remains unchanged. Only thing, FIFA Mobile 22 has been greatly upgraded in AI, making the accuracy and flexibility of the ball, of shots and the path of the ball become more accurate, perfect and sharp.

In general, you will feel the ball more realistically. Even the corners, penalties and offsides appear more accurate, like there is “VAR technology” in this game.

Realistic graphics

One of the most exciting moments for players is the celebration of the players every time they score. While the previous versions, this part also has a certain length and is clearly shown, but still not satisfied us. Through FIFA Mobile 22, the player’s celebrations are zoomed in close-up with the extremely realistic background behind, promise to bring you to memorable moments, especially in big leagues like World Cup or Champion League.

Tactics are becoming more and more important

In FIFA Mobile 22, a new feature has been added: Choosing a playing style for the whole team. That means you can choose one of three styles when going into a match: Defensive, Offensive or Balanced. Corresponding to each choice, with the formation you have assigned to the team in advance, the whole team will have a different approach to the game.

For example, if the playing style is Offensive, then in all situations, the players will rush forward, keep moving towards the opponent’s goal, perform many dangerous attacks.

FIFA Mobile 22 APK download

If you choose the Defensive style, many players tend to retreat to the home field to defend, ready to launch the most effective moves to get the ball. The Balanced style will help you spread your forces, connect attack and defense, control space on the field with a moderate tempo.

The most important thing with this feature is that during the match, you can freely change and choose the Style for your team to suit each time. Thanks to that, the tactics in FIFA Mobile 22 become more special, the game situation is always changing and full of surprises.

Many modern tactical line-ups

FIFA Mobile 22 brings many different diagrams and tactics depending on the player’s requirements. When you win the match, you will have the opportunity to unlock many new tactical schemes with increasing flexibility and appeal. You can also choose a player to be the captain, the “expert” of corner kicks, penalties. This feature is especially useful in situations with free kicks, which will help you take advantage of each player on your team.

Game modes and hundreds of leagues around the world

FIFA Mobile 22 offers 5 different game modes. If you want to play Online, you can choose:

  • VS Attack: Not play directly. The system puts you in fixed situations. In 1 minute 30 seconds, the team that scores more goals wins.
  • Head to Head: Traditional mode 1v1.
  • VS Friend: Compete with friends in the friend list, no ranking points.

In addition, the game has several offline modes:

  • League Tour: There are many skill levels and AI matches. Each completion will earn League Tour Tokens points.
  • Daily Training: Long-term daily practice, improve the skills of the players. Here we have 3 small training modes: Skill, Match and Special Practice. You get training points if you complete the training. This point can be used to exchange items when playing the remaining modes.

Appearance and some details have been improved

The interface displayed on the screen of each match is now more neatly arranged, organized and convenient. If you look closely, there are a lot of small and big tweaks from the font, font size, to the control buttons, then the border of the football field…

But for simple enjoyment players like me, the biggest general impression of the FIFA mobile 22 interface is still neatness. Everything is neat, careful, not causing discomfort to the player. For many people this may be just a small improvement, but I personally appreciate it. Everything has to be really comfortable at first sight to expect a long-term experience. FIFA Mobile 22 does this better than the previous version by one level.

FIFA Mobile 22 on APKMODY

Some other small improvements such as: giving players the option to download more multilingual commentary or add audience cheers. This also helps to better control the size of the game during play and is more suitable for different preferences of each person (such as some people like to play football in silence, some people like the exciting atmosphere of the stands).

BETA version of FIFA Mobile 22

Currently, the game only supports 3 regions:

  • India
  • Romania
  • Canada

To experience the game, you use any VPN to fake IP to one of the three regions above.

Download FIFA Mobile 22 APK for Android

FIFA Mobile 22 is like a well-sharpened knife, a precious jewel now well-honed to shine like never before. Not too much but just enough to feel. Every improvement from the visuals, diagrams, tactics to gameplay and accuracy in FIFA Mobile 22 can surely satisfy even the most fastidious football enthusiast.

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