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FFVII The First Soldier

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When SQUARE ENIX released FFVII The First Soldier APK on mobile devices, the game attracted a large number of fans of this legendary game and did not disappoint with a lot of praise and appreciation for this part. Let’s see what this latest part has!

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Introduce about FFVII The First Soldier

Be the elite soldier in this high-octane battle royale shooter!


The story in FFVII The First Soldier takes place 30 years before Final Fantasy VII. At this time, Shinra is forming and putting to the test Soldier, a skilled army with mighty warriors, superior weapons, and a series of the most modern vehicles, which perhaps never before seen in the Final Fantasy parts before. The entire game revolves around the epic battles of this powerful army.


FFVII The First Soldier is a Battle-royale game, similar to PUBG and Apex Legends, but is a bit different version when combining elements of the legendary hero, the mount of the summoned beast, deadly chariot, summoning spells, and monster cast. So calling FFVII The First Soldier a masterpiece is nothing too exaggerated.

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The enemies that must be defeated in the game are the aggressive enemy warriors and a series of fierce and dangerous monsters. All very fierce and dangerous, lurking somewhere in the magic city. Each battle takes place, if you win a monster, you will gain experience points to enhance your combat skills and have the opportunity to unlock many new weapons.

Your task in each battle is to quickly find loot everywhere in the city (such as weapons, energy points). The parallel is overcoming traps, encountering, destroying enemies, and completing the mission of “cleaning” the new land. Especially, you have to fight to become the last survivor in this intense online battle.

This genre makes the game extremely exciting. It makes players have a feeling of being sublimated to the fullest with the battle scenes and the thrill of being chased.

Just like the classic Final Fantasy, the RPG character cannot be absent. The warriors in FFVII The First Soldier can be selected according to different classes such as Warrior, Sorcerer, or Monk. Each class has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. The combat system and weapons in FFVII The First Soldier are appreciated by players as very diverse and flexible. Each warrior will in turn be equipped with many different weapons, from melee to long-range such as Sword, knives, Legal Boxing combined with Guns, Grenades, Bombs. So in any situation, you can not only fight like crazy, bombard like a real action movie, but you can also swing your sword around and fly like a swordsman.

Moreover, the soldiers in FFVII The First Soldier also have special abilities of each class, including magic to summon monsters like Chocobo, Ifrit, or modern chariots and majestic riding beasts. This makes the game very exciting because players can do lots of things with their characters when playing and make the scene very marvelous and monumental.

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In addition to the weapon, the fighting style, FFVII The First Soldier also has a great attraction from the dreamlike soldiers, true to the flying and legendary style of Final Fantasy. The shape keeps the original series, is even said to be much more beautiful and modern in this mobile-exclusive game.

So many weapons, is the rotation and control complicated?

I admit that it took a while to get used to how to control the character in FFVII The First Soldier. But it doesn’t take much time, and after that, you can control it smoothly. On the control bar on the screen, there will be basic skills such as dodging, defending, a cluster of navigation buttons to move the character, an energy bar, and a health bar to monitor the strength and cooldown of the character. The rest is for the list of weapons that the warrior collected. What can make you a bit confused at first is how to combine many things at the same time to create combos, shields, summons, and special moves related to each class, but when you get used to it, you can make attack combo smoothly and will get addicted to doing these combos.

Revealing one more amazing feature for those of you who are preparing to play FFVII The First Soldier here: the character can be upgraded to skill right in the match, without having to wait for the new scene to be applied. This regulation is also a part that makes you able to constantly increase strength in the process of fighting for survival.

Game mode

With a core of Battle-royale, FFVII The First Soldier offers many different game modes for players to choose from such as Single-player mode, 3v3 mode, Boss battle mode, and Trading feature so that players can freely buy and sell weapons, skins, equipment, materials, and things.

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Graphics and sound

FFVII The First Soldier has many elements reminiscent of the traditional Final Fantasy series. The familiar scene of Midgar and Wutai will make you a little nervous when you remember the legendary battles of the past. The way the context design is also full of magic, both creating a familiar sense of attraction, and at the same time feeling queasy because it makes you know that new things are waiting for you.

The sound is just as unique and mesmerizing as you’ve heard in Final Fantasy. The sound effects, colors, and visuals that appear in each battle combo are so outstanding. This is a big part that contributes to the attraction of this game.

Download FFVII The First Soldier APK for Android

In short, FFVII The First Soldier is an exciting game with captivating gameplay and beautiful graphics. This is truly a game worth playing in 2021.

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