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Farmscapes Mod APK (No ads)

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Tae - 23/11/2021

Do you enjoy the laidback farm life? Download Farmscapes lets you create a farm to start over. You will restore the area into a dream village that’s beautiful!

Do you dream of the laidback farm life? There are numerous farms all over the world today as plenty of crops are being planted. Farms are vital to communities as they provide food and livelihood for many people. Because of this, this is the perfect business for those that are on provinces or those looking for a relaxed life. In Farmscapes, you’re looking to start over after a failed review of your book where you were left with nothing.

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In this game, you will enjoy a different type of farm game that lets you complete various puzzles. Here, you can earn coins from playing these exciting puzzles where you will match same-colored tiles together. Then, you can start to play different crops, decorate your whole garden and take care of many animals. Here, you can then restore the area into an incredible village full of color and vegetation. Here, you can meet interesting characters and enjoy beautiful landscapes as you improve it.

Solve Puzzles and Enjoy

There are so many fun puzzles to solve right now and enjoy. But often times, these can be boring and repetitive quite quickly so we tend to ditch them after a few plays. But there are also other fun games that sticks out more and becomes an addictive one for many. So, if you’re someone who wants something more from a puzzle game, try playing Farmscapes and see if it’s to your liking. In this game, you’ll enjoy a rich story filled with incredible puzzles you can play today.

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In this extraordinary game from Playrix, you’re down to your last hope after a failed launch of your book. After buying a farm out in the country side, you will now be able to enjoy life like you always wanted. The only problem is that you’re starting from scratch as you’ll need to upgrade and manage a rundown farm. Here, you can upgrade your farm to just the way you want it by solving plenty of puzzles today! Enjoy solving and earning coins so you can buy various upgrades for your home.

You can also decorate your house and farm with numerous items, start a garden, take care of animals and enjoy the story.

Farmscapes Features

Do you enjoy farms and puzzles? In Farmscapes, you can enjoy a farm game where you can upgrade your farm.

Puzzles and Farms – With so many puzzle games today, it might feel like it’s hard to find the perfect one to play today. However, you don’t need to look to far to find the best ones as they often stick out. Puzzle games with stories are slowly taking over the Play Store as many of them are popping up lately. One of the best ones to date is Farmscapes and it’s an addictive one to play. Here, you will need to do your best to take care of a rundown farm by playing puzzles.

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Here, you can play various puzzles by completing goals in each level. You just need to get certain colored tiles in each level in the least number of moves. Then, you can earn coins that you can use to upgrade various parts of the house and the whole farm. You can buy a new porch, curtains, and even take care of animals so you can enjoy the farm life.

Play Puzzles – One of the main things you’ll be enjoying in Farmscapes are the numerous puzzles. Here, there are goals that you need to complete in each level to complete the puzzle. You just need to select the same-colored tiles to clear it and depending on the level, you may need to collect a certain number of tiles. Here, there’s a limited number of movies you can do on each level which raises the difficulty of the puzzle. As you go on, you’ll face demanding puzzles!

Upgrade Your Home – Another part that you’ll enjoy thoroughly here is the ability to upgrade not just your home but the whole farm. Here, you’ll be able to restore the area into a wonderful village it once was. Decorate it with various items and make a garden if you wish. In the house, you can do numerous upgrades such as buying a new porch, new sofa, tv, and many more! Outside the house, you can decorate and buy new trees and so on.

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Take Care of Animals – You’ll be able to also take care of various animals here and raise them. Here, you can enjoy taking care of cows, sheep and even a cat!

Enjoy the Story – Enjoy the puzzles as you follow the rich story today where you’ll meet many people and do different things. There are unexpected problems along the way but there are many people that will help you.

Farmscapes Mod APK – No ads

You can enjoy upgrading your farm and solving puzzles today in Farmscapes! Download and enjoy upgrading.

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