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Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022

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Updated on March 16, 2022

Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 MOD APK is a simulator game that combines farming and agricultural driving. This amazing farming game will bring you surprisingly attractive experiences.

Introduce about Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022

Manage your realistic farm and enjoy the agriculture simulation in Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022

First impressions of Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022

The first impression when I’m playing this game is Graphics. You can’t deny the fact that on mobile now there are many driving simulation games of all genres. Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 is just one of them. But it’s easy to recognize it because of the sharp, well-rounded 3D graphics with a beauty that causes a lot of sympathies. You can see the golden rice tops falling under the wheels, the red dirt road throws dust every time the car passes. Each part of the car moves smoothly when starting to roll. The color is not realistic, but its meticulousness and detail surprise you.

Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 will take you to discover the peaceful life in a rich village. As a multi-talented ranch owner who can do anything, you will be in charge of everything in your farm development. You are also a professional tractor driver, able to handle all kinds of tractors of all sizes, from harvesting rice to planting to transporting agricultural products.

Plant, grow, harvest with tractor driving simulator

As a farm manager, you will need to understand all the machines around you, all agricultural machines in general, and use them to do a variety of specialized jobs to develop the farm like planting rice, planting trees, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, and transporting to where it is needed in exchange for money.

In the above missions, you have to spend a lot of time challenging yourself with different farm machinery such as plows, tractors, trucks. Each has its own use, control, and steering. Trucks for transporting hay, carrying farm tools, and transporting agricultural products to the place of sale after harvest. Tractors, also known as plows, are used to create porosity for the soil, clean grass, create trenches, and raise beds before planting. Harvester is used to harvest agricultural products when the season is right.

With the proficient use of these combiners, you can do everything for your farm yourself, reducing your operating costs and being on your own in terms of time. The fact that the game offers a wide variety of vehicles and gives players a variety of experiences not only provides fun to play but also allows you to learn and understand how to operate each machine.

Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 has a wide variety of realistic tractors and trucks like cutters, harvesters, crop machines, trolleys, insecticide sprayers of famous brands of agricultural machines, even agricultural support aircraft. All promise to bring you countless exciting and exciting driving experiences that you can hardly try in real life. And not only that, there is another important task waiting for you, which is…

Farming simulation

In addition to the missions of driving a variety of interesting vehicles, each with a different function, Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 is also a real farm adventure. You can choose a variety of crops, choose a planting area, drive a plow, create a bed and start sowing and transplanting rice.

At the same time, you can raise more livestock and poultry of all kinds to increase production. During that process, you need to constantly take care of the animals, feed them, and cure them. With agricultural products, each type has a different irrigation schedule, spraying pesticides, preventing diseases, and controlling the amount of fruit…

Cattle give meat, eggs, and milk for money. In the season, you can drive harvesters, trucks to harvest agricultural products on the farm’s land, sell them to a small market for money, continue to buy seedlings and livestock to rotate for the new season.

Almost the entire most basic farming process is thoroughly demonstrated in Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022. Play and do everything yourself, you will understand the process to get a successful crop is not easy at all.

MOD APK version of Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Open World


You get a lot of money after buying something.

Download Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 APK & MOD for Android

Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 is a standard game for those of you who love farming and are cherishing building a farm of their own. It turns out that everything is not simple, complicated, careful, and detailed, requiring a lot of skills to make a successful crop. If you want to try multiple roles at the same time, download Farmer Simulator Tractor 2022 right away.

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