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Updated on October 12, 2022

If you are too tired of long fights with monsters or zombies, let’s go back to your hometown to grow vegetables and fish, new fresh air is waiting for you there. Today I will introduce Farm Town MOD APK, a super cute and fun farm game worth a try.

Introduce about arm Town

A farm game that helps heal all your wounds

Heal all wounds

Farm games have been known for a long time as games for soothing and healing wounds. Of course, we can’t compare it with fighting games in respect of the epic, brain hacking, or excitement. But in return, you receive a feeling of peace filled the soul and moments of being immersed in the dream of leaving the city and going back to the countryside. It is priceless. In this game, you can cultivate, harvest, use wood to build houses, raise animals, and take care of small pets and watch them grow up every day, see the fruits of your labor little by little. You will find your heart softened, no matter how stressful your life is.

For me, Farm Town is one of the best healing games. No matter who you are, what age you are, what you are facing, open this game and play a little whenever you are tired. I believe that from the first minute, you may find yourself greatly soothed.

Farm Town MOD by APKMODY
Farm Town MOD APK download
Farm Town for Android

How is Farm Town different and attractive compared to other farm games?

Farm games have many different genres. There are simulation games with numerous tasks that make you never rest, but there are also very idle games in which you just need to give the order and then get the finished product. Farm Town is a mix of these two styles. For example, if you want to saw trees to get wood to build farmhouses and specialized areas, you need to buy a saw. Drag around the trees you want to cut down, then the saw blades will automatically appear under each tree and do their job. The faster you drag, the faster the saw will cut down the tree. Finally, the tree disappears leaving a pile of wood for you.

Most of the jobs in Farm Town are always combinations of hand control and a little automatic mechanism like that. So, players will feel like they are a real part of the process without spending too much time and effort on small things one by one.

Farm Town is designed as a small-scale farm. Instead of building a complicated water system, you just need to make a large pool and waterfall for irrigation.

The first task for you is to plant and care for a variety of hay, corn, green vegetables, and fruit trees. Your second task is to build a lot of constructions to serve the cultivation, breeding, processing of agricultural products for food and drinks.

Step by step, you will contribute to developing the farm into a happy, prosperous village full of fresh fruit trees and attractive food processing areas like Food Processor, Bakery, Candy factory, Jam factory, Mexican food… You have many varieties of plants and animals to plant, care for and raise. By both considering building the construction and busy planting and cultivating in Farm Town, you will get so much exciting green experience while being 100% in harmony with nature.


Farm Town is an attractive farm game with quite strange gameplay and texture. Unlike other farm simulation games where you are given an empty land then start developing it (buying seeds, planting, breeding, producing, processing, and trading), Farm Town provides you with a happy village covered with green leaves and fresh air to spend the gentle days.

The village of Farm Town is not too far from the city. It is exactly like a small town, so everything is still very modern, not so wild, and needs to be renovated from scratch like in other farm games. 

What exactly can we do in this game?

You can develop your farm by gathering resources around and start producing and building according to the current situation. Then you make foods, drinks, and crafts from your range of existing farm products (for example, making strange bouquets from beautiful flowers in the garden). Earning money, you continue to invest in buying new items needed to continue building.

But that’s a matter of the future when you have a lot of money. Initially, you need to do three things at the same time: planting, breeding, and building. You raise sheep for fur, raise dogs to look after the house, plant apple trees for fresh apples and apple pies, grow rice for rice and different flours to sell for money… These are all you need to do. Your tasks will be rich and varied. But whenever you do them, you will feel relaxed and happy. It is the spiritual human value that a beautiful, good, quality farm game brings to you, isn’t it?

MOD APK version of Farm Town

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

Download Farm Town MOD APK for Android

Super beautiful and colorful images and fresh sounds, along with a series of simple tasks, are waiting for you ahead. You will be like me who opened Farm Town to play and have probably spent many days with it.

Start your first day of farming right now. Download Farm Town here!

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