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Updated on October 13, 2022

Welcome to the world of Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK! What if you had the power to rule and build an entire fantasy city of your dreams, where many legendary tribes lived together. Will you follow the peace or indulge in endless wars?

Introduce about Fantasy Island Sim

I’ve played through a lot of simulation games such as farm simulator, construction simulator… But no game takes the theme of the fairy tale. Sometimes I sit and fantasize if only the world in the other games became a fairy kingdom like in the stories told at night. I want to know how it feels to build such a beautiful scene. Try searching on Google Play, I find this game, it’s exactly what I think in my head. When playing it, it’s so good, so I’ll share with you about this amazing game.


Fantasy Island Sim is a fantasy city-building adventure simulation game. The game brings you to a Medieval town. Your task here is to exploit resource ore mines, harvest agricultural products, build unique houses and buildings, expand production, economy. You will gradually make your simple town become a large, magnificent city.

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In Fantasy Island Sim, you will build your unique buildings, works for each tribe that you have only heard vaguely from some epic and legendary. You can do everything in this amazing game: from unlocking treasures by completing assigned tasks to upgrading your city, decorating everything you want, and exploring every corner of this magical kingdom. Do whatever, but remember not to force the tribes too much, or create unwarranted injustice, force them to leave the city. You will lose your most helpful assistant.

The game also allows you to develop your kingdom in two directions: strategy or events. If you choose the strategy, your kingdom will follow the path of prosperous development, life here is comfortable and free, only freedom, construction, and growth. In the other direction, you will direct your kingdom into endless battles, people will unite to fight against a common enemy through a series of events in the game.

What is Fantasy Island?

In Fantasy Island Sim, you will live in a magical world, called Fantasy Island. Many tribes live here, each land and each tribe have its secrets, skills, and roles. And to join this beautiful and rich island, you must also have your own “trick”: exchange exactly what they need to get what you want from them.

For example, when you are dealing with a group of pirates, you should have a map leading to the treasure to exchange with them. Or, if you want long-term economic development and good support, you must find a way to exchange goods and resources with the Dwarves, who are always discriminated against by many people on the island because of their strange personalities and unsightly appearance. But no one understands that they are very rich and one day they will build their castle, then they will harvest the mines and forge gold for you if you have a good and friendly relationship with them from the beginning.

Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK 1440x810

And if you want to get things done smoothly and neatly, you should work and communicate with the Elves. They are the key to helping you tackle all your everyday tasks because they only need to take a magical snap of their fingers so everything will be done.

The villagers in this beautiful kingdom are all interested in doing business and actively cultivating. And you are not out of this. So let build your kingdom from the smallest things.

Graphics and sound

Built on the background of a dreamy magical world, every scene in Fantasy Island Sim, whether in construction or prosperity mode, is still very poetic. The long coastline with full of white sand, the quiet forests, and the high mountains are also very romantic. If you finish building your buildings with the characteristics of each tribe later, you will find everything even more beautiful.

Fantasy Island Sim screenshot 1440x810

And not only the large area, but the details of Fantasy Island Sim also do very well. The trail extended to both sides, looming on both sides were colorful houses. You can even see the residents moving below. The top-down view also makes everything more detailed.

The sound in Fantasy Island Sim is very attractive with inspirational melodious background music, noise from construction work… I would call it the sound of life. This wonderland is not only worth admiring but also worth living and devoting a lifetime to.

MOD APK version of Fantasy Island Sim

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can spend money even you don’t have enough.

Download Fantasy Island Sim MOD APK for Android

Fantasy Island Sim is a beautiful simulation game with many things to explore. The kingdom and the land are very beautiful and perfect, like stepping out of a fairy tale. What are you waiting for without exploring the world in Fantasy Island Sim?

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