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Family Tree Builder 8.0.0 Build 8631 (Freemium)

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A feature-rich genealogy software application that enables anyone to build their own family tree with attached documents and photos

Putting together a family tree might be a good idea if you have many relatives. Family Tree Builder is a program that can help you organize and create a complete genealogy list.

The app comes with a nice interface that’s extremely easy to navigate.

The family tree can start with the main people you want to focus on. Thus, their information can be filled in, such as first and last name, birth and death dates, the marriage date and place.

Later editing enables you to add further details, such as places of work, education, religion, nationality, and title. The home address and phone number can also be included, as well as some physical details such as the height, weight, hair and eye color and medical problems.

Furthermore, you can start adding sons and daughters, brothers, sisters and parents, along with their spouses and their own children.

If you want, pictures can be added to the family tree, thus putting a face next to all the names. Then, additional details can be filled in, such as the date and place the photo was taken. The picture can be associated with any of the names in the family tree.

Your projects can be uploaded to the MyHeritage website in order to create a backup and to obtain further help. Thus, by using the “Smart Matches” function, you might be able to find other people you’re related with.

Also, various charts can be created for ancestors, descendants and close family. These can be customized by applying various styles, printed or saved to the computer to PDF or JPG format.

If your relatives live all over the globe, then you can also create a map with their location.

All in all, Family Tree Builder is an interesting program that can be fun to work with. Inexperienced users might find the app difficult to work with at first, but they should get accustomed to it fast.

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