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FairCompare 1.0.0 Beta 2 (Open Source)

2 years ago 64

Use this program if you want to compare two directories or files, making sure that their content is either identical or different, depending on your needs

FairCompare doesn't share much with real fairs, maybe except for the icon and associated images. The fairness of it resides in the fact that it can help individuals compare two directories or files, images or otherwise. The end goal of this comparison is on a case-by-case basis, meaning it will be you, the user, who decides why this comparison was needed in the first place. Still, in terms of app efficiency, there is no doubt that this could be exactly what you're looking for.

Modern interface, simple controls

While the application seems to fit perfectly with modern operating systems such as the newly released Windows11, it also retains a simplistic control scheme. The interface is split into two particular windows, each asking the user to input a specific directory leading to an image, file, or a bunch of documents. Bulk comparison is possible, although if you like to be precise, you'll most likely opt for an independent approach.

Simple options to choose from

Aside from the menu on the top-left of the app window, the user can switch between Tree and List View and also initiate Batch Compare. Comparison rules can be adjusted. A slider will give any user the chance to adjust the tolerance threshold as seen fit. Developer options are also included. They give you the opportunity to Reload, Force Reload, and Toggle Developer Tools. Zooming in or out is also possible, as is returning to default size. In terms of accessibility, these options are easy to find.

FairCompare might not be an award-winning application, but it is useful when you need to compare two specific virtual items for differences or similarities. The interface arrangements make it easy to achieve the comparison job, and this is what should matter most in this particular case.

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