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Factory I/O Ultimate 2.2.2

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Factory I / O is a 3D simulator of factories and industrial production automation that can be used to learn and teach technologies related to the field of automation and industrial engineering. With the help of this software, you can simulate the environment of a factory and the various components of an industrial automation in a very accurate way and provide students with an overview of its construction and working methods. The developer of this software, Real Games, has released several different versions of this software suite, each of which is compatible with a specific range of automation technologies. Ultimate version is the best and most complete version of the software and includes almost all technologies in the field of automation, including PLC, SoftPLC, PLC simulators, Modbus, OPC, etc.

PLC (programmable logic controller) is one of the most widely used hardware equipment in the field of industrial automation, in which you will get acquainted with its various models. This software supports almost all PLC models and can teach you how to configure and program different controllers and build drivers and plugins. At the beginning of the work, the software offers more than 20 default designs that are inspired by automation and widely used industrial applications. The basic software library is very rich and includes a set of widely used and important industrial components that you can use in the design and simulation process. Among the most important components in the software library, we can mention sensors, conveyors, elevators, industrial stations, etc.

Features of Factory I/O Ultimate:

Presenting more than 20 prefabricated projects and plans A library full of widely used and important industrial parts Ability to create custom scenarios 3D simulation of industrial automation and automated production process Very smooth and simple user interface for creating 3D environments Analog and digital inputs and outputs in PLC Support for various drivers Ability to troubleshoot and optimize automated production lines Provide Instructor mode for educational purposes and involve students in the teaching process and provide them with practical projects Full compatibility with widely used hardware and software technologies in the field of industrial automation

Supported technologies

Advantech USB 4750 & USB 4704
Allen-Bradley Logix5000
Allen-Bradley Micro800
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix
Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05
Control I/O
Modbus TCP Client
Modbus TCP Server
OPC Client DA/UA
Siemens LOGO!
Siemens S7-200 / 300 / 400
Siemens S7-1200 / 1500
Siemens S7-PLCSIM
SDK – Custom I/O drivers

Required System for Factory I/O Ultimate

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1+ or higher
CPU: CPU with SSE2 instruction set support
GPU: NVIDIA since 2006 (GeForce 8), AMD since 2006 (Radeon HD 2000), Intel since 2012 (HD 4000 / IvyBridge)


Factory I/O Screenshot

Installation guide of Factory I/O Ultimate

Follow Readme.txt Instructions.

download link

Download Factory I/O Ultimate 2.2.2

File password (s): www.downloadly.ir


270 MB

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