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Updated on March 25, 2022

F-Droid APK is an application that helps you install free and open-source software (FOSS) on your Android mobile. After installing FOSS, you can automatically receive updates of these open-source software to your device without any complicated operations.

Introduce about F-Droid

Application to install FOSS on mobile

When do you need F-Droid?

Normally, when you want to download an application, game, or any software to your Android devices, you will visit Google Play to search, evaluate, and download in free or paid packages. All resources contained herein are closed-source software and are always updated and controlled by the application developers.

But there is a lot of good software out there that you don’t know, or you need but still can’t find on Google Play. You can’t find them on the official source because they are open source, not under the control of Google Play, or because no one has the idea to develop such apps. That is, to download and use them, you need to find a place where open-source software is located.

Let me introduce to you one of the trusted places I’ve known, F-Droid.

What is F-Droid?

F-Droid operates similarly to Google Play. But F-Droid is a free and open-source software repository created and hosted by the community.

From the F-Droid repository, users can browse and download any open software application that is free of charge, without ads, without registration. With more than 3000 rich and diverse software/applications of all types with high utilities, F-Droid currently has millions of users.

In essence, F-Droid is made up of an available public source code that is free-licensed. This app (and website) is made by volunteer programmers. Their purpose is to connect and create an open environment for people who are looking for more diverse application solutions than what is available in Google Play.

Please note that F-Droid does not have an official app review process. All applications added to this open application store come from the contributions of the user community or the developers themselves. The only screening criteria are that the apps must be malware-free, cost-free, and ad-free. In terms of content, quality, and other criteria, they are not binding.

Next note. When you need to install F-Droid, you need to open Setting “Unknown Resources” and download F-Droid. From then on, the app will automatically update any app you install from the F-Droid repository. You don’t have to update each app like before.


  • It is rich, diverse, suitable for all needs: With more than 3000 open-source applications available, F-Droid owns a lot of software with different themes and uses. It includes all areas of Health, Education, Security, Entertainment…
  • A simple, easy-to-use layout: The main features are all available on the homepage interface menu, including Inventory, Nearby, Update, and Settings. You just need to enter the application, everything will appear in front of you, no need to search or go to the inner pages.
  • High security: All apps in F-Droid do go through HTTPS processing to ensure the safety of users, and at the same time, it can protect privacy and security. When F-Droid detects apps that don’t comply with the safety rules or carry the risk of malicious code, they’re flagged immediately. You can safely use F-Droid without worrying about this.


The only downside to F-Droid, at the moment, is that the number of open-source applications added is quite small and they are added at a slow speed. In addition, every app in the F-Droid store does not come with user reviews or extra stars. To find the app you want and to see its quality, you will need to try the application.

Download F-Droid APK for Android

The open-source software repository F-Droid not only gives you a wider variety of apps but also is a place for you to meet a community of creative Android users. If you are interested in open-source applications, you should immediately download F-Droid to use at this link.

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