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EYE 21.1023.1345 (MIT License)

7 months ago 22

A powerful reasoning system which can be used to build artificial intelligence, with support for schematic web layers, as well as Euler paths

What's new in EYE 21.1023.1345:

adding meta-interpretation at reasoning/mi (thanks to Markus Triska)

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Technology evolves at an alarming pace, with powerful programs now capable of learning behaviors and updating performance accordingly. This is done through complex mechanisms and scripts, such as a reasoning system. As such, EYE (formerly known as EulerSharp) is reasoning engine capable of performing semibackward reasoning with support for Euler paths.

There are a few things which need to be mentioned first. The application can’t really run on its own, with some other components also required, such as cURL, SWI-Prolog, and CTurtle. Installation of the application is possible only after copying the aforementioned program executables in the source and running the installer.

This reasoning engine in particular comes with support for semantic web layers. More than that, it becomes interoperable with Cwm via N3. This becomes possible because N3 is an equivalent to the RDF in an XML syntax, while RDF is the core language of Cwm.

Since it comes with support for Euler paths, the application is able to solve problems while striking out all possibilities. Applications of using a reasoning system can mean advanced solving mechanisms, development of artificial intelligence systems, robotics, or various types of controllers. The interface engine supports logic based on proofs in order to provide the end result.

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