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Exact Change 6.1.43 (Demo)

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A comprehensive application designed to help you keep track of your coin collection, comprised of a variety of cataloging tools and utilities

Regardless of what you might find collection-worthy, the fact remains that such a hobby implies dedication and attention to details, especially when the collected items have many properties that make them special and unique. This happens to be the case with coins as well, despite their simple appearances and modest size.

Catalog and organize your coin collection

Exact Change aims to provide you with everything you might need in order to manage your coin collection, regardless of its size and value. To achieve this, it comprises a huge image database depicting thousands of coins from around the world, along with basically every property that might be of interest of you, including dimensions, the materials used in their minting and the exact years they were introduced.

Thanks to this database, you are able to recognize and catalog every coin that you acquire, without having to scour the Internet, or various other sources in search for information regarding your collection. Additionally, the data is not limited to one country, but actually includes coins from all over the world, together with a very exact report on their precious metals composition, which includes gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

Generate various types of reports

As you might expect, part of what makes collections of any kind exciting is the possibility of finding rare items. Because of that, the utility enables you to add your own, personalized entries, in case the coins you come across are not included in the provided database. Thus, you are able to add new images, complete with custom descriptions and data about the coins in question.

Once a collection reaches a certain size, curiosity may make you wonder about its value, size and rarity, all of which give your hard work purpose. To help you with this, the application is able to quickly generate a wide variety of reports based on your collection, ranging from the overall melting value, to price charts and sold lists.

The go-to solution for coin collectors

All in all, Exact Change leaves nothing behind when it comes to the variety of tools included to help you manage your coin collection. In addition, despite the extensive amount of features and capabilities, it manages to avoid cluttering the user interface with too many buttons or additional windows, making it very easy-to-use, regardless of your past experience with computers.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONLimited to 30 coin entries Watermark on the output reports Uses the same image to represent each coin type SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSBetween 50MB and 5GB of hard disk space depending on the number of countries you decide to install DVD drive Internet connection (for updates)

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