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espanso 0.7.3 / 2.0.4 Pre-release (GPLv3)

2 years ago 49

Save time when typing with this text-expander app that will detect specific keywords and replace them with corresponding text or execute custom scripts

What's new in espanso 2.0.4 Pre-release:

This fourth alpha release ships with several bug fixes: Fix form extension not handling default field type. Fix #804 Improve toggle key handling. Fix #815 Add workaround to avoid crashing Espanso with malformed markdown. Fix #759

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Working with large volumes of text data and inputting strings with a high frequency demands the use of tools for improving efficiency. Such dedicated apps, like espanso, will automatically detect and expand or replace altogether specific keywords with sentences, scripts or other relevant content.

espanso was developed specifically using the Rust programming language, and it will serve as a cross-platform text-expander app that will allow users to save a lot of time and actual characters when typing.

By expanding common sentences when identifying specific words, it can increase efficiency and overall text structuring and formatting.

Once users open apps that feature text input capabilities, espanso will automatically enable its detection features. When closing the said apps, the program will disable the detection, remaining in standby, accessible in the tray area.

One will be able to create system-wide code snippets or execute custom scripts, depending on the used text editor or app that contains text-input capabilities. Furthermore, emojis are also supported, enabling users to insert them whenever required.

Being able to be integrated in the shell, espanso will work with most common applications, meaning that users will be able to increase their productivity on multiple levels.

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