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Updated on January 5, 2022 (15 mins ago)

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ESET Mobile
Android 5.0

ESET Mobile APK is an application that protects your phone from malware, viruses, and thousands of other dangerous things floating on the Internet.

Introduce about ESET Mobile

Protect your device from A-Z and even trace it when it is lost!

No more sense of insecurity. Now, mobile users always have many applications that protect their devices while participating in the Internet connection.

And today, I will introduce to you one of the most powerful shields available, ESET Mobile.

Online safety

The main feature of ESET Mobile is offering security on all the tasks you are doing while online. With high security, ESET Mobile will make it possible to download all your files, images, videos, audio files, shopping apps, apps with online payments, or manage your bank accounts without being worried about safety. This safety is ensured both during download and during use.

ESET Mobile’s principle of network safety is to check the website, scan the network in use or public Wi-Fi, thereby finding security holes. Then continue to use the ESET malware database to filter out and remove phishing sites. ESET Mobile also can review and test the security process of every app so you won’t miss any possibilities.

ESET Mobile also helps users fight theft proactively. Just download this application and run it, and you can always find your phone even if it is stolen or lost somewhere by locating the place at which the device last appeared. This feature works even in low battery conditions. In bad cases, ESET Mobile will help lock the phone and take a snapshot if it detects any suspicious behavior.

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Not only protecting the safety of Internet access (tracing dangers) and taking timely measures when the phone is lost, ESET Mobile also helps you wipe data and lock applications remotely to ensure that even in the worst scenario, sensitive information still doesn’t get into the others’ hands. Or in other cases, when sharing information with anyone from your mobile, you can ensure that everything is complete and belongs only to you without fear of unwanted intrusion.

Also, through ESET Mobile, you can filter calls, make a list of phone numbers to block, both specific and unknown numbers. You can quickly block any calls (especially from those you don’t want to contact), potentially unsafe sources, or spam phone numbers for advertising.

Speaking of advertising, we must also mention a small but beneficial feature of ESET Mobile. It is the ability to detect adware and then automatically remove the apps that show ads.

Avast Antivirus is an application that helps protect your phone from viruses and malwares.

Protect and erase directly with flexible customization mode

ESET Mobile can help you protect 5 devices at once (paid in a single set), and all 5 devices are linked to a single Google account. Whenever major security holes are discovered in an application or there are too many potential dangers from that application, ESET Mobile will help you trace it and finally remove it directly. It ensures an absolutely clean environment for your devices.

You can actively customize ESET Mobile’s Scan Schedule. Like scanning periodically every time the battery is charged or, once a week, or every time a new application is installed on the device. Depending on your work habits and sensitivity, choose the scan mode that’s right for you.

It is also possible to customize the Periodic Security Report sent out from ESET Mobile. Through these reports, you can quickly get an overview of your device’s safety. You can always see the number of apps that have been removed as malicious, or potentially blacklisted, or which apps are good for long-term use. Everything is on this list.

USB On-The-Go

ESET Mobile is also integrated with the modern USB On-The-Go feature. This feature will help you check the safety of any USB-connected device plugged into the device. You know, threats do not only come from things floating online, but also from hardware.

Download ESET Mobile APK for Android

It can be said that ESET Mobile protects your device from the inside out, from the tangible (the content floating on the network) to the tangible (the software, applications, interfaces, games, and other USB connection device to the device). Also, the extra features are extremely good.

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