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Epic Race 3D

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Updated on October 12, 2022

Participate in endless pursuits at Epic Race 3D MOD APK, the latest arcade game of Good Job Games. This game allows you to download and install it for free. Please download the game via the link below the article if you are interested in this game.

Introducing Epic Race 3D

If you’ve ever played through some games like Run Race 3D and Fun Race 3D, you probably already know Good Job Games, the publisher from Turkey. They include a group of talented developers passionate about developing simple, but unique and fun games. In their latest game, the chases become more difficult and challenging players thanks to the presence of many unique obstacles.

Epic Race 3D skin unlocked
Epic Race 3D screenshot
Epic Race 3D gameplay


Basically, Epic Race 3D can be considered as the next version of the two games I mentioned above. You will not feel strange if you have ever played Run Race 3D. Like the American Ninja Warrior TV show, you are responsible for helping the game’s main character – a little guy who is like a boy (but has great willpower), defeating other players in an online race.

In terms of control, Epic Race 3D has relatively simple control. You just need a finger to play this game. You touch and hold the screen to run, untouched when you want to stop. But don’t think, this game is simple. You need to use all your ingenuity to overcome the complex obstacles of the game. Just a moment of distraction, you can be thrown out of the race and back to the starting line.

The obstacles of the game are quite flexible and unique. It could be a bridge can 360-degree rotation, or spheres that could knock players away. A race of Epic Race 3D including three rounds. When in the last round (Epic Race), you will face 2 other players instead of one.

Running fast is not enough

There are many factors that make Epic Race 3D a game worth your time on. Firstly, this is a multiplayer online game. You have the opportunity to compete with other online players around the globe. Secondly, this game is very fun. There is no denying the excitement of Epic Race 3D. Each race is a challenging journey that you cannot predict in advance. You need to stay focused if you don’t want your opponent left you behind. Finally, you can play the game in both online and offline modes. Thanks to that, you can play this game anywhere, anytime.

Unlock skins and dance

Epic Race 3D allows you to unlock a range of cute and funny outfits. The costumes of the game are divided into many different themes. You can customize your character with the suits of superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, … Or even, you can have the appearance of Ronaldo and Messi, the two best football players.

In addition, your character has celebratory dances after reaching the finish line. Unlock more dances by buying in the Store.


Good Job Games still develop Epic Race 3D with the same 3D graphics as the previous two games. The 3D graphics of the game are quite realistic. Not an outdoor racetrack, the game simulates a show like the American Ninja Warrior show, you can feel the noise of the fans.


Because Epic Race 3D is a free game, it’s possible that the game will play some ads videos automatically. It may bring some benefits, but sometimes, it can kill your experience. If you do not want to be disturbed by advertising, please disconnect the internet.

MOD APK version of Epic Race 3D

MOD features

Unlimited Money: The goal of the players in Epic Race 3D, is to unlock the fun skins. After completing a match, you will get about 50 gold. Watch the promotional video to help you get 150 gold. You can unlock an outfit by buying a chest (random) for 500. But if you don’t like to wait, use the MOD version. You will have 999999999 coins to unlock skins. You just need to download, choose your favorite costume and participate in the fascinating race of the game.

No Ads: Play the game without ads

How to install

Both original APK and MOD APK file of Epic Race 3D can be installed in the same way as you install other normal APK files. Before installing the MOD version, please uninstall the version you downloaded from Google Play.

Download Epic Race 3D MOD APK for Android

This game can make your gloomy and tedious day more enjoyable than ever. A race for those who love challenges and adventure. Each race lasts only about 1 minute. Therefore, you do not need to invest too much time but still can enjoy the fun that the game brings. We provide you with MOD APK and the original APK file below the article. You can download and play completely free.

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