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Endless Colonies

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October 19, 2021 (2 days ago)
Endless Colonies
Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
Unlimited Galaxy Gems
Android 4.4

Endless Colonies MOD APK is a purely entertaining combat adventure game about the adventures of heroes against the forces of invasion of the Earth. It is a small game with quite fast speed but is super attractive. Why don’t you try it out?

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Introduce about Endless Colonies

Idle Space Explorer!

The number of topics of space construction on mobile games is not too many or few. If you are looking for a game with this theme, a game with a solid story, fun color graphics, and attractive fast gameplay, come to Endless Colonies right away!


Endless Colonies tells the story of the world at the near extinction of humanity. In 2020, the whole planet is in darkness, threatened by a series of natural disasters such as forest fires, epidemics, earthquakes, and tsunamis. These phenomena do not come by accident but are actually from an upcoming disaster: an asteroid will soon hit the Earth and cause catastrophic destruction. And when they hit Earth, they will bring a lot of alien monsters to invade and take over our blue planet.

There is not much time left, nor is there any other choice. Humans can only count on heroic forces to find a solution to this terrible problem.

The mission of the army of heroes is to save the Earth, fight the armies of monsters that are trying to invade the continent. Just listening to it, I can’t rest my hands to play. Almost throughout the game, you have to control situations constantly to preserve your world. At the same time, the heroic army also needs to find, explore, and develop other colonies to make their bases. Those bases will be both a shelter in the future for humanity and a hiding place for soldiers to fight against the evil forces.

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In respect of tools, you can have in hand more than 200 different items for the process of building and developing the base. As for human resources, you have 8 different types of workers. Through the victories, you will, in turn, open up new groups of human resources. Each group will have a different skill and function, so they should be placed in the appropriate factories.

Initially, you only have 5 factories to play with. Unlocking and upgrading respectively, you will have more diverse types of factories, both in design and function.

Dealing with items, factories, and workers, you are free to play all day long.

The secret to playing Endless Colonies is to strictly manage all resources, use them properly and rationally so that the process of building new territories takes place as quickly as possible. You start from the smallest things, then use all resources to build up your base. Gradually, you help your base become a powerful empire in space.

Every time you successfully build a building and get a valuable item, you will earn money. Money accumulates gradually to unlock new workers, factories, and items. Then build and build more to the higher levels.

The game doesn’t just stop at one planet. When you finish colonizing a planet and get an empire, you will continue to move to another planet to start a new process. Each planet has its own color, topography, and characteristics. You need time to consider, explore, and get used to that new feature.

The journey to building a colony continues to expand until you really become a cosmic tycoon and have a series of ideal colonies for life. You will no longer have to worry about the future of humanity from now on.

Endless Colonies are a pretty idle game. When you are not online, everything still works normally at your previous playing speed, the money still comes to your pocket, the work is still going on, and the new planet just keeps growing. The next time you open it, the results show up even more exciting.

Graphics and sound

When you are new to the game, everything feels a bit confusing. But once you get used to it, it turns out that this screen design brings a lot of advantages to players, helping to monitor multiple ongoing processes at the same time. It is easy to observe each section and make reasonable changes when needed. Although it is quite small, the image quality is very detailed and colorful. It is this colorful style that will help you feel happy and excited.

The sound in Endless Colonies is not invested much. Much of the focus is on the progress of building structures on the planet. The higher the level and the faster the speed, the more urgent the background music is, which stimulates the player’s eyes and ears a lot.

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