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EncryptOnClick / Beta (Freeware)

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Encrypt your files and folders quickly and easily with this software, featuring a straightforward interface designed with accessibility in mind

Encrypting your files and folders can involve all sorts of intricate software to do the securing and the like, but it can be much simpler than that. When looking at the offers available on the market, you primarily have to compare them against the built-in BitLocker Windows encryption utility.

That is not because the encryption offered by Microsoft with its OS has set the bar on a certain level, but that it's so convenient to use that you largely forget about third-party software. Where alternatives improve upon, however, is giving you more features. EncryptOnClick, for instance, was built with convenience in mind, as its interface is easy to grasp, allowing you to encrypt files, as well as folders.

Straightforward freeware

The app looks rather simple, and it's got a functional design. It looks geared to aid you in encryption and decryption work without much fuss — encrypt a file or folder, set a password, then decrypt it when you need it.

One could claim that such a layout was conceived for accessibility, to open up the task of encryption to a wider audience. And that does look like the case here, with this software being so direct about its capabilities.

The process

Encrypting something is easy enough with this program. Simply select the elements you would like to secure, then input a password. They will then be locked, making them inaccessible if you fail to enter the key provided at the beginning.

If you happen to uninstall this software prior to decrypting, you can interact with the classified data via WinZip, though only after providing the code you set.

It is also possible to carry this app with you by putting it on a USB drive, as it's fully portable once installed.

And it's quite handy that, after the process, the contents will be compressed, reducing their footprint on your drive. It's all very convenient when you factor in that this is freeware software, granting you full functionality without any payment.

In conclusion

It's nice to see simple, straightforward apps from time to time. In the case of EncrptOnClick, the software successfully managed to encrypt whatever we threw at it, and the process was smooth, without any issues occurring throughout testing.

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