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Emoji Puzzle!

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Updated on October 12, 2022

Emoji Puzzle! MOD APK is a fun game that helps you entertained and helps you stimulate your rich imagination by solving emoji-related puzzles.

Introduce about Emoji Puzzle!

Perhaps, Emoticons (Emoji) are very familiar to you. In any social networks, there exist countless different Emoji with different meanings. So have you ever wondered if these emoticons have anything to do with each other? If not, Emoji Puzzle! is the answer for you. Or more precisely, this game helps you answer that question yourself by offering fun quizzes around emojis.

Simple gameplay

Emoji Puzzle! is a puzzle game about emotion icons. Your task in each level of play is to find pairs of emoticons that have similar or related meanings and shapes. For example, the icon of the french fries and the hamburger are a couple because it’s the same fast food topic, the ghost with the pumpkin is on the same Halloween theme, …

It sounds simple but Emoji Puzzle! requires players to be able to observe and reason logic to be easily overcome. Today, there are millions of different emojis, that’s why the puzzles in Emoji Puzzle! seemingly endless with many different creative ways.

Emoji Puzzle Gameplay
Emoji Puzzle Graphics
Emoji Puzzle Screenshot

Emoji Puzzle! is a simple game, both in terms of gameplay and controls. You just need to touch two of the same emojis to link them in a straight line. Or you can also drag your finger to connect two symbols in two columns. If all symbols are matched correctly, you pass and go to the next level.

The screens do not require or limit time, so it is also relatively easy. But the higher the levels, the harder it increases. With hundreds of challenging levels, to win Emoji Puzzle!, it is not easy.

Challenging puzzles

The gameplay of Emoji Puzzle! Simple and easy to play for everyone, all ages, but it doesn’t get boring. The game is divided into many different levels such as Baby, Professional, Master, …

Each level is a series of sequential mini-levels. After a few basic levels, there are always special levels with more difficult challenges. Compared to just connecting two identical symbols, the special levels have many diverse and extremely interesting challenges. It can be a group of similar symbols such as plants, flowers … or parts of the emotion icon that have been cut away.

As mentioned above, the higher the levels are, the more difficult the level increases. Meanwhile, the levels have more symbols as well as you have to choose more symbols related to each other. The special levels also appear more with higher difficulty. However, everything is in common logic, just need you to be observant and quick-witted to be able to pass it easily. Sometimes, the elimination method is also an effective method.


If you are stuck at a difficult puzzle for too long, you can use hints by touching the “Hints” button above the game screen. However, to use this feature, you need to watch an ads video for about 30 seconds.

Advantages of ads video

Not only does it get you a Hint, sometimes, watching ads will help speed up your process. You will level up faster, thereby unlocking exciting puzzles with many new themes.


With a simple game in all aspects like Emoji Puzzle! the graphics don’t need to be too demanding. However, the publisher Supersonic is still very careful with the screen full of very bright colors. In particular, the game brings a variety of symbols such as facial expressions, food, objects, trees, … They are all synthesized and arranged very reasonably.

MOD APK version of Emoji Puzzle!

MOD feature

  • No Ads
  • Free Hints

Download Emoji Puzzle! MOD APK for Android

Overall, Emoji Puzzle! still just stop at a fun and light puzzle game. It is suitable for relieving stress as well as killing time when free or during short breaks. For sure, after experiencing Emoji Puzzle!, you will know more icons to express emotions on social networks, as well as to make conversations more colorful and vivid.

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