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ElevenClock 2.4 (Apache License 2.0)

1 year ago 233

Add a clock to the secondary monitor taskbar that is synchronized to the system locales and that correctly aligned with your monitor via this tool

What's new in ElevenClock 2.4:

This release is an urgent bugfix for issue #173 (High ram usage) Additionaly, it provides: Better context menus The ability to show Elevenclock on the primary monitor (if you have the clocks on the left)

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Users who have been running Windows 11 for a while now noticed that the clock from the secondary monitor is missing. Although some users are inclined to believe this is a bug, considering that Windows 11 is still in preview mode, some are saying that Microsoft decided to remove it. Nevertheless, users who need to have the clock on their extended monitor, have several workarounds for this nuisance.

ElevenClock is a small utility designed to add the feature so that the clock is displayed on the secondary monitor. According to the developer, the tool supports all time formats and is designed to show all clock displays except for the primary one, which is available as the default system clock.

Other features worth mentioning include the support for light and dark themes, toggling notifications and the calendar panel when clicking on it and a constant update each second, so that users do not notice discrepancies across the taskbars. At the same time, the clock is designed to correctly align and size based on the scale of the monitors used as well as the standard and fractional HiDPi displays. All in all, users who want to have the clock displayed in the taskbar of the second monitor should give this tool a try.

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