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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

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Recently, an ARPG game called EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy APK, was officially released by KONAMI. This is a game adapted from the manga of the same name.

Introduce about EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

The story

Surely many of you wonder if Edens Zero is Fairy Tail or not? Both series are drawn by author Hiro Mashima. Although the characters of the series are Shikki, Rebecca and the cat Happy have similarities with the characters in the Fairy Tail series, these are two completely different series.

Edens Zero is set in a science fiction series. The content is about the journeys to explore the universe of Shikki and his friends. And thanks to KONAMI, we can finally experience the first game adaptation of this manga.


The gameplay is quite simple. Basically, you need to form a team of up to 3 members. You will control 1 of 3 characters and go around the map to do missions. Players can once again experience the storyline of the Edens Zero series and play multiplayer modes.

The controls are also quite simple for you to get used to. The move button is on the left, and the attack button is on the right. In addition, if you want to change any character, just click on that character. The characters do not appear one after another, they will accompany you. You change the character only to control another character, the two remaining characters are controlled by AI.


Điều mới lạ mà KONAMI mang đến cho người chơi là không có hệ thống gacha. Thật kỳ lạ phải không? Một tựa game chuyển thể từ anime nhưng lại không có hệ thống này. Do đó, đối với những người chơi cảm thấy khó khăn để sở hữu The novelty that KONAMI brings to players is that there is no gacha system. It’s strange isn’t it? A game adapted from an anime but without this system. Therefore, for players who find it difficult to own their favorite character, relax in this game.

The characters are all completely free to unlock according to the storyline. Your task is just to upgrade them to become stronger. Tier list also does not completely appear in this game. But based on the early game equipment, Shikki Granbell, Rebecca Bluegarden and Homura Kogetsu are the characters that should be upgraded first.


Although the character can be owned by anyone, equipment is a different story. The system of earning equipment is completely based on the player’s luck. Besides picking up equipment through dungeons, you can also craft. Materials are also very easy to find, as long as you work hard to play the story. Do not forget to upgrade equipment to increase the strength of your character.

Upgrade the characters

Character strength is typical of RPG games. EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy does not rely on combat skills but on character building. The first thing you need to do is level up your character. Next, install “standard” equipment for the character. If you are a newbie, press the optimize button to let the system choose the optimal equipment that you currently own. Besides, you need to upgrade the Skill Tree to unlock new skills. The necessary materials are Skill Points, they are not too difficult to find, as long as you work hard on the task.


Good news for those who have a hobby of makeup for their characters. EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy has a system to help you change clothes for your character. Players can exchange the styling for their character by buying in the store. In addition, you can also buy Cosmetics to beautify the characters.


The Arena system allows players to fight to test the strength of the squad. However, without rewards, we all feel a lack of motivation. So this can be considered as the ranking system in the game. The strongest player is the highest ranked player. Fully automatic 3 vs 3 combat. Players cannot interfere in the match, but are only allowed to watch the match. Try to climb the rank to receive many attractive gifts from the system.


The game is designed based on 3D graphics technology. In general, the character designs are similar to those in the manga. However, the character animations are hard, raw. The skill effect is also very rough. Plus the graphics optimization is pretty bad. The device quickly gets hot and there are jerks, lags and drop fps.

Download EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy APK for Android

Overall, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is quite good and worth the experience. The fairness of the game is quite pronounced and there is no P2W (Pay to win) factor. This can be frustrating for competitive hobbyists. In the arena, even if you have a 1000 power team, you can still beat a team with 30K power. In addition, the game is considered to be lacking in creativity and the plot is quite short. Most players can finish it in 5 days. Therefore, if the developer does not have a plan to improve, then there is a high chance that this game cannot work for long.

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