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ECHOES of MANA APK from Square Enix is ​​a mobile game that continues the tradition of the previous Mana series. This part has many new characters in the context of the old world with old and new magic intertwined.

Introduce about ECHOES of MANA

The action RPG that follows the famous Mana series with distinctive gameplay and controls!


In the world of Mana, the roots of all things come from the great spiritual tree Mana Tree. Suddenly, one day, for some unknown reason, the Mana Tree changed color and gradually turned yellow, and it was in danger of perishing, which could lead to the collapse of the whole world. The only way to save Mana Tree is to find the whereabouts of the legendary sword called Mana Sword, which disappeared many generations ago.

ECHOES of MANA is based on and continues the story in the previous Mana series (like Secret of Mana, Adventures of Mana, Trials of Mana). In general, the context and way of leading the story of these games are quite similar. The main character, after an event, decides to embark on an adventure to find the secret of the sword god Mana and protect the world from destruction. Of course, to reach that great goal, you will have to go through many challenges, injuries and face many terrible enemies.

ECHOES of MANA is no exception. At this time, there are more characters, and the magical world in this game is also richer than in the previous parts. The gameplay is more dramatic with the Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) style of controlling 4 characters that can be quickly switched at the same time.


The ARPG genre is no longer strange to gamers. But to find a quality ARPG that is different and has a lot of personalities is not easy. That’s why even when ECHOES of MANA was not yet revealed, many people have been looking forward to the day of experiencing it.

It still has role-playing and upgrading through combat achievements like in a typical ARPG. But ECHOES of MANA has a rather strange role-playing style: Players can control 4 characters that can be quickly switched back and forth to respond well to all situations on the battlefield. The tactical and dramatic nature of the game thus increases dramatically. Sounds great and awesome, right? But is the control easy?

It depends on each person’s feelings. But most people who have played through this game think that the inherent Command Ring control interface (which is kept from the previous parts of the series) is an expensive gift that makes this game so addictive. In which, all actions (navigation, attack, combo) to control the characters will be on a single circle. This centralized control will give players more space to enjoy their team’s battle, and make combat moves faster because the buttons are all clustered on the right side of the screen.

One more of the unique features of ECHOES of MANA is that the view can change automatically and flexibly according to the battlefield situation. Sometimes you can see close to the characters, sometimes close to the monster’s attack, sometimes you get a panoramic view from above, then momentarily follow in the footsteps of the characters preparing to attack the monster… The animation speed in ECHOES of MANA is so fast. If you are not used to it, it will take a little time at first, but once you get used to it, it is easy to become addicted. Honestly, I later replayed some turn-based combat role-playing games, and I was severely disappointed because of the slow speed of the battles.

Familiar characters and many new ones

As part of the Mana game series, this game has almost all the familiar characters in the previous games such as Sumo, Amanda, Julius, Dark Lord ̣(Adventures of Mana) or Popoi, Randi, and Primm (Secret of Mana). ECHOES of MANA also brings a few new characters for richer options for your squad such as Rabite, Flammie, Kilt, and Kilte.

You will in turn have new characters through the game’s gacha system. Each character has its appearance, personality, story, weapons, and skills. Once you have more members for your team, your flexibility and tactical ability when playing ECHOES of MANA will also increase. Each team consisting of up to 4 members with completely different qualities and fighting styles will create a variety of war situations.

During the battle, you can freely switch control of one of the 4 heroes of the group so they can complement each other and make lightning attacks. Choosing who to fight first/later once again offers countless ways for you to stand on the battlefield in your way. Not to mention each hero also owns a unique set of skills.

Graphics and dialogue

The agile fighting style is shown on ingenious 2D graphics and character creation that mixes chibi and anime. After playing ECHOES of MANA, I realized that sometimes a game doesn’t need anything sublime. It just needs to be harmonious in every detail and combined with a flexible perspective so that even when it is just a 2D action role-playing game, it can also work well.

The combat, damage, and explosive effects in the game are very impressive. When compared to the level of realistic and reasonable elements, sometimes it surpasses many 2D games of the same genre. The sound effects accompanying each attack phase are also very good, showing the weight of the move.

The character’s entire adventure will lead you to different small worlds with unique environments, ecosystems, and landscapes (from caves, hills, forests, to waterfalls). Each time a new context appears, it inspires the players a lot.

Another thing I like about ECHOES of MANA is the way the story is told, the way the developer builds the story through short yet witty and concise dialogue. You will never witness a pessimistic hero in this game. Instead, all are very full of energy even when facing so many difficulties. That spirit is pervasive in this game. Playing ECHOES of MANA will keep you happy and energetic all day.

Download ECHOES of MANA APK for Android

Do the quests, fight the boss, and make friends with others to fight together. Let’s challenge yourself in all modes. Importantly, ECHOES of MANA is so cool, fun, and quite adorable.

According to information from the developer, ECHOES of MANA will be released in early May, 2022. APKMODY will try to update the information about this game as soon as possible to help you experience it.

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