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EasyNetMonitor SE (Trial)

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Ping one or more IP addresses to check the availability of their hosts and get notified if any of the supervised servers goes down

What's new in EasyNetMonitor SE

Tray icons changed. Added personal email body and subject for each host. Added automation: your enm_config_auto.txt will change the current configuration and load in 10 seconds. Online statistics are saved in a separate file.

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EasyNetMonitor SE provides an efficient means of monitoring remote hosts in a network and web servers, periodically checking their availability and getting notifications when a connection goes down. This is particularly useful to network administrators, who can promptly respond to problems that might occur.

EasyNetMonitor SE vs. Pro edition

EasyNetMonitor SE is a more advanced edition of EasyNetMonitor Pro, also running as a Windows service, also allowing the user to run the application in emulator mode (in this case, the service does not actually perform actions, but allows the admin to configure actions and notifications).

Just like its younger brother, it comes with email notification and task execution capabilities, enabling an administrator to take immediate action in case a host is unresponsive.

Get connection failure notifications

EasyNetMonitor SE runs in the system tray, enabling you to configure it via the context menu. Adding a new host to monitor requires you to provide its IP address, name or URL and going through a set of options to configure the ping timeout and the notification settings.

The application can be instructed to display a popup message and use sounds to alert you when a host is not reachable. Alternatively, it can send notifications via e-mail if a no response from the target host is received a number of times in a row.

As mentioned above, EasyNetMonitor SE can also be configured to execute a program if the ping request is refused. You can also define additional command line arguments to assign to a file.

Monitor multiple hosts via the system tray

To sum it up, EasyNetMonitor SE is a network monitoring tool worth having around if you want to keep an eye on multiple hosts and make sure that they are up and running. Connection failures result in instant notifications to allow network administrators to promptly come up with solutions.

EasyNetMonitor SE is mostly designed for more experienced administrators, while home users can download EasyNetMonitor Pro or the free edition, each of them offering less configuration and customization options.

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