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EasyNetMonitor Pro (Trial)

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A network monitoring application that can check the availability of one or more hosts or IP addresses and notify you if a server goes down

EasyNetMonitor Pro is a simple program that can be used to quickly check if computers are online in the local network. It can also be efficiently employed to test if Internet websites are experiencing downtime.

Can be used to determine whether network computers are connected

The tool is potentially useful for anyone connected to a network or the Internet. Since websites tend to go offline from time to time, this resource can be quite handy in quickly pinging URL addresses. Network administrators can also use it to swiftly determine if group computers are not connected.

EasyNetMonitor Pro is very unobtrusive, will run from the system tray area and features very few interface objects; the GUI is geared towards efficiency and ease of use, as once properly configured, the context menu is really all a user needs in order to start network checks!

An advanced version of Ping

At its most basic level, one can compare the application to the Ping command. As with any such task, one must have a valid IP for the target. Once users insert the address, the resource can start network checks. However, unlike the command prompt task, EasyNetMonitor Pro allows a few more advanced options.

One of the most important is that the resource can remember past tasks. Thus, setting up recurrent network sweeps is possible. What's more, users can employ sounds and balloon notifications. A powerful feature is the “Emal notification” option, which can have its timers configured (i.e. to prevent email spams).

Can run custom programs, conditioned by the Ping results

Other advanced functions include starting applications after a user-defined number of positive or negative results.

To conclude, EasyNetMonitor Pro is a good tool for network administrators and anyone else who needs a resource to check whether websites are online or not.

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