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EasyNetMonitor (Freemium)

11 months ago 64

Monitor specific addresses in your network by pinging them at regular intervals, receiving a notification whenever they fail to respond

EasyNetMonitor is a simple-to-use utility that verifies if a remote computer is accessible in your network. It targets all types of users.

After a brief installation procedure, EasyNetMonitor creates an icon in the system tray area. By opening the context menu, you can add as many computer addresses as you want and create a separate tray icon for each one.

From the Options panel you can configure several settings, such as establishing the time interval for the IP checkup, as well as enabling the ping function when the tray menu is opening.

Furthermore, EasyNetMonitor can be scheduled to run at Windows startup automatically and to log details to an external file. It is also possible to disable EasyNetMonitor from the context menu without actually exiting the application.

The network monitoring tool requires a low quantity of CPU and system memory, so it doesn't burden the computer's overall performance. It has a good response time to key strokes and mouse commands, and it's very stable. The app didn't cause us any difficulties throughout our evaluation, like hanging, crashing or showing error notifications. Although it is not very resourceful, EasyNetMonitor offers a simple and effective solution to test if a computer is reachable via LAN.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONEasyNetMonitor PRO additional features: Actions Ping, HTTP options Improved email notifications Desktop indicator Event log viewer Statistics for each host Test (emulator) mode Localization EasyNetMonitorPro is only one file (300 Kb) EasyNetMonitor SE additional features: Windows service version of EasyNetMonitor PRO SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.NET Framework 4.0

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