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EasyMorph (Demo)

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Data preparation and transformation tool (ETL) for business users and data experts, which can be integrated with Tableau, Excel and Qlik

Dedicated to business users and data experts, EasyMorph is a comprehensive application that facilitates data transformation and preparation features for ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), a process responsible for taking data out of source systems and putting it in a data warehouse.

Transform and prepare data using an ETL tool

Wrapped in a clean and professional-looking interface, similar to Microsoft Office, EasyMorph puts a ton of instruments at your disposal to get data ready for reports and dashboards, aggregate data from databases, export it to various formats such as CSV and XLS, as well as producing documentation for auditing, among many other features.

A sample project can be opened to get a better idea of how this software utility works. It's possible to import tabular data with fixed width columns from text files, CSV, Excel, Qlik DVD, SAS and XML files.

Integrates with Tableau, Excel and Qlik

Aside from importing from these sources, new tables and charts may be generated (e.g. calendar, parameter table, sequence), derived or created (input, sandbox).

Transformations, which can be applied to information in the tables, are grouped in several categories: basic (e.g. aggregate, clean up, convert data type), advanced (e.g. fill down, group, interval merge, pivot), filters (e.g. deduplicate rows, keep mismatching, trim table), export (e.g. database command, export to Tableau), Excel (e.g. trim table by condition, unpivot) and workflow (e.g. call another project, either table, halt on condition).

Generate documentation and reprots

You can use a database query editor, enable autorun for project calculation, customize reports with titles, paragraphs and images, export reports to PDF format, edit the connector manager, generate documentation, as well as edit the project parameters.

Taking into account its clear-cut interface and comprehensive features, EasyMorph is sure to meet the requirements of many users interested in a reliable ETL tool for business purposes. It's available in three editions: free, pro and plus.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION20 actions, per project 20 iterations in loops, per project Missing features: Accessing web (REST) APIs Emails w/attachments Execute programs + PowerShell Command-line Mode Scheduler SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.NET Framework 4.5.1 or newer

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