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EaseFilter Registry Control Filter Driver SDK (Shareware)

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This application allows users to monitor and administer registry protocols and access in order to prevent potential damage to the stored keys and values

Keeping a PC running smoothly can, in most times, depend on the frequency and type of maintenance you perform. One aspect of such a maintenance plan is to address the registry entries. Build in order to allow you to monitor and test the integrity of the key values for you registries, EaseFilter Registry Control Filter Driver SDK comes prepared with several tools that can help users maintain a close eye on their registry entries.

Start the monitoring service right away, or stop it, at your convenience, thanks to on-screen commands

Once installed, the application allows users to enable the monitoring process right-away, in just a single click. However, one must be aware that if they choose to do so, the scanning process will account for all the registry entries on their system, and it might take a considerable time.

To that end, the app emits a warning message, letting you know that without having defined a filter, the monitoring will address all the registry keys.

Customize a registry filter, specific to your needs and, if you require, run a registry filter test

The main feature that resides at the core of the app’s functionality is its filtering module, which basically allows users to define the registry interval that is to be accounted for in the monitoring process.

Several parameters can be set as criteria for the filter, including process ID, process name, name mask, access control flags, etc. More so, rules can also be added, and applying the defined filters is a breeze.

Capable, specialized app that provides in-detail registry key monitoring through adjustable filters

This application addresses those who are looking for a registry scanner app that can help them visualize details for each registry entry, in real-time. Packed with a dedicated filtering module, it allows you to choose which registry keys are being surveyed.

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EaseFilter Registry Control Filter Driver SDK was reviewed by Andrei Verdeanu

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