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EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK (Demo)

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An extensive package that includes developer tools and a demo for those who need to implement encryption methods and algorithms in their applications

EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK is a complex instrument for those developers concerned about security, who wish to analyze and implement encryption methods in their code, and want to test on a demo application all the components before implementing any source code in their programs.

When downloading the resources of the current listing, you are given two options — use the executable or download the archived file (the ZIP). The executable will install the demo application that helps you encrypt your files and folders, and further test the current instrument's capabilities.

The second file, the ZIP, offers access to the demo version of the app and the source code files that contain libraries and components needed for development and testing.

The name of the actual desktop app that you can install and test via the executable is Auto File Encryption Tool. This tool is a simplistic desktop component with four options (Auto Folder Encryption, Encrypt File On The Go, Encrypt File Manually, and Decrypt File Manually). The desktop application offers indications and self-explanatory options, alongside detailed instruction on how to use each component and feature the current package has available.

In conclusion, if you are looking for medium-complexity encryption methods that you can test and implement in your development environment, EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK and its adjacent desktop app, Auto File Encryption Tool, might be the perfect solution for your needs.

Limitations in the unregistered version

The package includes a demo application to test the SDK.

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