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Dynamic Theme (Donationware)

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Get Bing and Windows Spotlight highlights on your desktop and lockscreen with the help of this app that also lets you use your personal image collection to enhance your screen's looks

The multitude of visual customizations Windows 10 supports is quite impressive, and two of the things users resort to in order to make their desktop less boring are changing the wallpaper and tweaking the lock screen.

Dynamic Theme is a program that can do precisely that, putting at your disposal hand-picked images provided via Bing or Windows Spotlight so that you breathe new life into your computer.

Turns to Bing and Windows Spotlight to enhance your lock screen and background

Before anything else, it need be mentioned Dynamic Theme is a Store app that should cater to the needs of all users alike, what with its GUI being approachable and easy to navigate.

All you need to do to start using its capabilities is indicate the source of the photo you want to be prompted with for both your background and lock screen. As mentioned, Bing and Windows Spotlight are your options, but you can also resort to an image you have stored on your PC.

Regardless of your choice, you can preview the image to make an idea about what it would look like, and eventually update it if the results meet your standard.

Lets you create slideshows using local images

Note that Dynamic Theme is a universal app, meaning that it can run on multiple devies, which makes possible a feature syncing your settings on your PC and phone, for instance, provided that you are logged in with your Microsoft account, that is.

Other than that, the program also lets you create a slideshow, with the possibility of indicating the interval at which the switch takes place besides specifying the album containing the photos you want to see. Plus, there is also an option offering to display images randomly.

What’s more, the software utility can notify you whenever a new Bing or Windows Spotlight image is available and show you a preview, and as an added bonus, it can automatically save the images used as lock screen or background to your computer so that you expand your collection.

Add a hint of dynamism to your screen

On an ending note, Dynamic Theme is a tool enhancing your desktop with beautiful images provided by Bing and turning to Windows Spotlight for an eye-catching lock screen. While coming up with many suggestions, the app also lets you create slideshows using your own resources, which grants you quite a lot of freedom.

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