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Dumpster MOD APK is a recycle bin for Android phones. Just like the Recycle Bin on PC, many useful features of Dumpster will help you a lot in managing files, information, and folders on your phone.

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Introduce about Dumpster

Recover deleted videos, restore photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files!

The “Recycle Bin” feature on PC, as you know, is not just a temporary place for deleted data. It is also a utility to help recover deleted information files, images, videos, and is a place to recover files and any files of any format. When you want to get them back, you just need to restore them.

But whether on a smartphone used every day with the main feature of listening, calling, communicating, sending messages, and dozens of other multitasking, will a utility like Recycle Bin on PC be necessary?

The answer is yes.

What happens if you accidentally delete an important photo or video on your phone? You will never get it back unless your phone has an application that has a similar feature to the Recycle Bin on PC.

And Dumpster can do it for you.

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Restore everything just deleted, with fast speed, safe security throughout the process

Dumpster will get you out of this dilemma by restoring everything you just deleted, in a snap, and intact. With Dumpster, everything you’ve deleted is in one place. When opening the application, everything is neatly presented as a simple folder on the device, which fully displays all the data files that you have just deleted. No matter what format the file is in, any extension will be present in Dumpster. Then you just need to choose the file recovery feature, immediately, deleted videos, photos, files that were just deleted, or important files that were mistakenly deleted can restore with the original capacity and the original quality just in seconds.

Working mechanism

Dumpster works on the principle of flexible cloud storage and intelligent algorithms that go deep into multimedia platforms, accompanied by high-quality security features. These three key components make up a convenient, useful Dumpster that can securely and flawlessly store and recover deleted files.

As soon as you install Dumpster on your phone, from then on, any files deleted will be saved to Dumpster. Everything you delete will be stored on Dumpster’s cloud storage which is a safe place, has plenty of space, and won’t affect the performance or memory of your current phone. And even if you have deleted it for a long time, you can completely restore it whenever you want.

Dumpster also has the following outstanding points

The special feature of Dumpster also lies in the fact that you do not need to be connected to the Internet to restore the files you deleted nor do you need to root the device. This app also doesn’t consume battery, doesn’t take up much space, and doesn’t affect your other apps on your phone.

Dumpster also has a lock screen feature. This feature will protect your phone securely. Even if someone wants to delete files on your mobile, and finds that you have installed Dumpster, and wants to completely delete them, they won’t be able to open the app screen to see the deleted file. This lock screen feature is very unique, and in a situation where your phone may be compromised by others, using this utility will give you complete peace of mind.

Dumpster’s secure access code consists of a 4-digit sequence that can only be accessed by you to view deleted files directly, and only you can choose what file to delete forever or restore the status quo.

Dumpster’s storage and control interface are very simple. Not much different from managing folders like on PC. Minimalist layout, easy-to-see captions, good contrasting colors, easy to see, flexible directory tree, and many ways to display the interface. I’m sure anyone can use Dumpster, even for the first time.

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