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Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors

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Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors

Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors APK is an open world ARPG game published by Tencent. This game perfectly reproduces the plot of the Dragon Ball 7 manga, bringing players back to their childhood through fascinating battles.

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Introduce about Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors

At the beginning, you will witness the climactic battle of Goku and Frieza on planet Namek. I thought that the plot of the game started from there, but that was just the beginning. As for the plot, when Goku was a child, he was brought down from the Saiyan planet to destroy the Earth. But the head wound adjusted Goku’s memory, under his grandfather, he grew up with a mission to protect the Earth. And in this game, you will transform into the character Goku and take on that mission.


The game is developed according to an extremely attractive open-world role-playing game. After naming your character, you can freely control the character Goku to go around the city. The plot of the Dragon Ball manga will be recreated in Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors. The missions are designed to lead the player back to his childhood, the only slight change is that you do not just watch it but transform into the character and experience the story. Surely you still remember Goku’s adventure began when he accidentally met Bulma, they were together in search of the 7 Dragon Balls. On the journey, they met friends like Yamcha, Krillin, Chi Chi…

As I said in the intro, this is a classic ARPG game. The combat mechanics are the same as Honkai Impact 3rd. Your team consists of 3 members and you can switch characters during battle. Use your character’s skills to destroy targets and complete system quests.

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The characters

In a match you can switch back and forth 3 characters to battle. To own them, you need to spend in-game resources to spin the character, also known as gacha. At the beginning, the system will give you 3 characters that are Goku as a child, Chi Chi as a child and Ox-King. To own other characters such as SSJ3 Goku, Trunks, Gohan, Videl or Android 18, the only way is gacha. With limited characters, you can only get them from events.

Increase your power

Surely you all know Goku and his friends had to fight with all their strength, even some people sacrificed to protect the Earth. The enemy is getting stronger, so you need to become stronger too. The easiest way is to level up your character. Next, find equipment, enhance and encrusted with gems to increase the character’s stats. There are also many features to help players become stronger such as increasing the character’s star, each star level costs a certain amount of gems.


In the manga, Goku has a vehicle called the Cloud, which was given to him by Master Roshi. In this game, there are similar things to help you move faster to the place of your mission. You can own a lot of different vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and of course, the Cloud. Just like the original manga, this is also the first free vehicle you get in Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors.


Besides the story missions, you also have many other challenges and receive a lot of attractive gifts, including daily, weekly missions, some limited time events. For games like Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors, a day you need to spend a lot of time to be able to complete the things you need to do every day. Especially at the beginning of the game, your character is still very weak, so, it will take more time to pass.


Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors is designed with 3D graphics. Animation and skills of the character are very smooth and beautiful. The shadow effect makes the character appear more clearly. But you should note that the better the graphics, the lower the performance of the game, and some low-end devices may experience lag. Tencent offers 3 levels of graphics for players, if you feel the FPS of the game is low, then reduce the graphics for a better experience.

Download Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors APK for Android

In short, after experiencing Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors, I feel it is very interesting, with many features, attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, especially the plot is identical to the manga. But the biggest problem when experiencing that is the language barrier, currently the game does not have an English version, only Chinese. However, now there are many applications that support text translation on the screen, even BlueStacks is also integrated that feature to make it easier for you to play games from other countries.

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