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Drag Battle 2

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Drag Battle 2 MOD APK is a racing game that focuses on Drag skills on short super-fast tracks. You will master the speed, master the car to overcome to win the fiercest races.

Introduce about Drag Battle 2

Your garage, your rules, your rebel racing!

What is drag racing?

Drag racing is a super-speed sport with vehicles (cars or two-wheelers) that have been customized to have outstanding speed. The common points of drag cars are modern capacity, high-end chassis machinery system that can withstand heat and high speed, and increasing nitro.

Drag races are usually very short and finish quickly. It requires the driver’s intense concentration in a flash of time. The pressure is heavy, but it is also what brings irresistible drama to the racers.

If you want to experience the hottest and most thrilling Drag races, you should try Drag Battle 2.

Unlimited super speed racing

In Drag Battle 2 everything is limitless: engine type, supercharger, and racing car parts… There are also no limits on fuel, and rules on the track. Your job is to do your best, and rebel in your own speed race. Get in the car, accelerate and overtake like crazy.

To make this freehand, Drag Battle 2 offers a huge selection of vehicle models. Drag Battle 2’s rather large collection of vehicles has a bunch of the weirdest cars available. They can come from a classic car or a modern hypercar, but through tuning and tuning, you can create many huge speed machines that are different from the original car.

Everything on the car is adjustable. From tire pressure and suspension height to NO2 injection volume to transmission and transmission models. Every change, even a small part, you will notice a significant difference when the car enters the track.

Power up and improve achievements

After each victory of the race, you will receive a nice reward. It could be money, it could be cards that unlock car tuners or even unlock a brand new car. Taking advantage of all these bonuses, you can tune your current car to become more powerful and faster.

Increasing the power of the car also means improving the ability to win on the track ahead. The more you win, the more prizes you get and the more passionate you win. The race and the desire to win will make you fiercer in this game.

Short but beautiful race track and has high physics simulation

For new players who do not care much about drag racing skills, what makes people linger longer is the sharpness of the track and reasonable physics simulations when driving. Both of these Drag Battle 2 do well. Each track is more or less different, each car is different and opens up a ton of customization options with different components. Graphics are not too excellent but achieve the necessary meticulousness and bright harmonious colors. The details of the collision, wheeling, acceleration, and throttle, are made quite well to create a realistic feeling with high physics simulation.

Just by looking at the car’s glossy paint reflecting on the hot pavement of the track, you’ll understand why Drag Battle 2 can attract so many players.

Real-time street racing

Drag Battle 2 is also a competition between you and many different players around the world. It all happens in real-time. Tweak your car in the best way, launch it into battle and start a super race in a very short time, winning prestigious titles in the international rankings.

Online championships are also regularly available. They have more rules but are more attractive and are the shortest way for you to get huge rewards and exciting championship titles.

The drag racing fan community created by players of Drag Battle 2 is also very crowded. There you can admire other players’ unique car customizations, trade car spare parts, hunt for unique parts cards, and trade experience in customizing cars for fast acceleration.

MOD APK version of Drag Battle 2

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In short, Drag Battle 2 is an exciting drag racing game with smooth movement, good physics simulation, specializing in customizing cars with car parts rewards, and a community of experienced players. Drag Battle 2 is a game you should play if you want to experience the super-fast racing series and drag skills.

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