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Download Red Ball 4 MOD APK v1.4.21 (Premium, All Unlocked)

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Description of Red Ball 4 MOD APK

Did you enjoy playing the popular Bounce Tales game for hours on your old Nokia phone? Red Ball 4 is another fantastic Android game that brings back pleasant childhood memories.

So, today we are here to explore all the things you should know about Red Ball 4 MOD APK.

Red Ball 4 MOD APKRed Ball 4 MOD APK

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4

Game NameRed Ball 4 MOD APK
PublisherFDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Latest Versionv1.4.21
Size59 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium, All Unlocked
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 30, 2022

What is Red Ball 4 MOD APK?

Red Ball 4 is an arcade-type mobile game. The Developer of the game is FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG. There are more than 100 million downloads to the game at the moment.

You can also download the Red Ball 4 mobile game easily via the Google play store. However, the game’s original version contains many disturbing ads and in-app purchases.

So, you can use Red Ball 4 MOD APK to get rid of annoying ads, and experience more features like Red Ball 4 Unlimited Lives. Let’s discuss more about Red Ball 4 unblocked version in further sentences.Features of Red Ball 4 Game

Features of Red Ball 4 Game

The game is just for players of all ages thanks to its pleasant and cartoony graphics. It is very playable even on low-end devices, thanks to its simple graphics.

Red Ball 4 introduces Android players to a unique and fun platformer gameplay experience with groovy soundtracks and calming sound effects.

The game starts by introducing Android players to the entertaining and thrilling touch controls that let you effectively control your red ball.

Use the touch controls at your leisure to switch between directions, jump over obstacles, or precisely land on a monster. Your movements will be more fluid due to realistic physics.

Explore more than 75 different levels with various setups and obstacles as you embark on a series of engaging adventures.

The game’s early levels will prove to be quite enjoyable and intuitive. You won’t be discouraged by the increased difficulty level when you reach each level.

As you dive into Red Ball 4’s new adventures, you’ll learn new tales, face fresh challenges, and overcome various challenges.

Players of Red Ball 4 will be able to freely enjoy the amazing platforming and runner gameplay across a variety of maps.

Develop your own strategies to overcome enemies with different skills and abilities at specific levels by challenging them. To knock the minions off, leap on top of them.

How to play Red Ball 4?

Players in Red Ball 4 will be taken through a strange world where creatures that resemble little red balls live. Participate in the distinctive and captivating gameplay as you accompany your hero on his ultimate platformer journey.

Your hero must embark on his adventures to defeat the foes and prevent them from carrying out their evil plans, as the evil black cubes intend to transform the entire planet and every living thing on it into cube shapes.

Guide your little red ball hero through various intriguing challenges and obstacles as you dive into awesome and epic platform challenges in Red Ball.

Use your strong cube shape to slam on top of your cube enemies and eliminate them. Additionally, move horizontally and stay away from direct content to prevent them from popping your ball.

You can get sucked into several thrilling and epic adventures in the game. Take on a variety of platformer levels with different gameplay and setups. Utilize your quick thinking to get past various challenges along the way.

Red Ball 4 Game Tips & Tricks

This gameplay is required for many of the levels, and you must take advantage of physics. Although it may be challenging at first, practice will enable you to perfect this skill.

Red Ball 4 will award you with a gold medal once you finish a level. But first, you have to complete the level in a specific manner. You must first collect every star on the level to receive a gold medal.

You’ll have to go back and start over if you missed an enemy and already passed a checkpoint. Remember that once you pass a checkpoint, you cannot turn around.

The red ball may occasionally be seen scowling or sad. This type of face indicates that you failed to complete a crucial portion of the level. Sadly, it also means that you have no chance of fixing it or finishing that section of the level.

Stationary enemies do not move, making it much simpler to squish and kill them. You will face the last enemies when you reach the world’s ends. To kill them, you must strike them six times.


Can I play Red Ball 4 Offline?

Yes, you can play Red Ball 4 offline.

How to play Red Ball 4 on PC?

Yes, there is a PC version of the game.

Is Red Ball 4 available on PC Download?

Yes, You can download the Red Ball 4 Pc version to play on your PC.

How many levels are in Red Ball 4?

There are 75 levels in the Red Ball 4 mobile game.

What are the other Red Ball Similar Games?

Happy Jump, Chariot, Mikey Boots, Mimpi, and Wimp Who Stole My Pants are some similar games to Red Ball.

Red Ball 4 MOD APK Features

You can get rid of annoying ads and enjoy all of the premium features by downloading Red Ball 4 MOD APK. It means the Red Ball 4 unblocked version includes Red Ball 4 Unlimited Lives, Unlimited cash, ads-free feature, and more.

Download Red Ball 4 MOD APK

You can just download the Red Ball 4 MOD APK free via the following link. Then start the amazing journey with your red ball.

Download Red Ball 4 MOD APK


Red Ball 4 is a fantastic mobile game with simple and quality graphics and sounds. You have to complete a 75-level journey with your red ball hero. However, the game contains many ads and premium features. So, you can download the Red Ball 4 MOD APK to get rid of all ads and unlock all premium features.

Download Red Ball 4 MOD APK v1.4.21 (Premium, All Unlocked)

Red Ball 4 Logo

So, today we are here to explore all the things you should know about Red Ball 4 MOD APK.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game, Arcade

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