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Download Pocket Love MOD APK v1.12 (Unlimited Money)

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Description of Pocket Love MOD APK

What is Pocket Love MOD APK?

Pocket Love is a life simulation game introduced by HyperBeard. It comes with quality and an attractive user interface. Over 10 million downloads on Play Store prove its attractiveness.

Yes! There are many game categories to choose from, including simulation, RPG, puzzle, racing, and many others that you enjoy playing. But Pocket Love brings you an incredible experience apart from other games.

You can play many games about love similar to this one, but this one is iconic from all the others. This is a unique and wonderful love game.

In this entertaining game, downsize your house and relish living with your lovers. Feel free to change anything, including the furniture, the design of rooms, and many other things.

Pocket Love MOD APKPocket Love MOD APK

Pocket Love

Pocket Love

Game NamePocket Love MOD APK
Latest Versionv1.12
Size124 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Daily Spin
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedNovember 21, 2022

Additionally, you can enjoy yourself more, take beautiful photos, and do lovely things together. Here is where you can play the cutest game ever.

You must earn coins and dollars (in-app money) to upgrade your lifestyle in this game. However, if you download the Pocket Love MOD APK from our website, you can do anything and everything to upgrade your life in the game at no cost.

Features of Pocket Love Game

  • Graphics and sounds

Pocket Love game uses quality and attractive graphics to offer a unique game experience. And the game’s background music also makes it beautiful and makes it feel more engaged in the game.

  • Quality simulation

The Pocket Love’s game story starts when you find a buddy to live with, and you both work to find the perfect room to transform into your own home using your own imagination.

The game is specifically made with vibrant, youthful colors to promote relaxation and joy while temporarily blocking out the chaos of life. You can design the home as livable as possible, select furniture, purchase items, and personally decorate each room.

  • Many decorative items

You can easily view the whole home design from various angles thanks to the open design of the space. In addition to family spaces, it is built with various types, including theme parks, schools, offices, apartments, and decorative items for players to sound their creative ideas.

  • Many Mini-games to play

Players always want to have fun in any game, making them happy all day. If a game just repeated dull interior design, that would be highly boring. So, the Pocket Love game provides a bunch of mini-games to users

For beginners, the app will provide designs for homes and design resources. You can make money and many valuable gifts that will enable you to purchase more decorative items and create the ideal home of your dreams.

Additionally, you can participate in the game’s interior design competition, enter your designs, and win to unlock various priceless items.

  • Awesome activities

Innovation thrives in a stimulating exchange environment, and the competition will introduce you to many new people. Together, you can raise animals to make fascinating tales centered on daily life.

  • Live with someone special

You will have the most exciting time of your life, leading to a new love-filled chapter in your life. Enjoy the special moments you have with your loved ones and kind neighbors. Make your spaces the most comfortable place to spend life’s most priceless moments. With your partner, you will create the best memories.

How to play Pocket Love?

  1. When new users join Pocket Love, they start living a romantic life with a caring partner. They can even choose to adopt a small animal. The beginning of life may be straightforward or challenging. Still, as time passes, things will improve, and you will have more opportunities to live in a lovely home.
  2. After beginning life with predetermined partners, you must slowly increase or decorate the home with unique designs or aesthetics.
  3. The best part is that partners will interact or respond differently to various furniture or other items in the room, creating a lovely and lively environment.
  4. Pet care is also essential in Pocket Love because it provides the family characters with a strong spiritual foundation. At the start of life, the player has complete freedom in selecting their pets.
  5. The game involves emotional shopping experiences that raise the player’s emotional boundaries. The player can increase the house’s width or height to create more space while shopping if the interior needs to be changed or expanded.
  6. In addition to enlarging the residence, Pocket Love brings a relationship system that allows players to interact with friends and have fun.
  7. The gameplay will also open up a lot of fun activities for couples, providing everyone with the most novel dating or socializing experience.
  8. A career is essential if you want the additional income or prosperous economy required to create a happy home. The career system in the game will be intricate and comprehensive, with a wide range of choices so that you can select the roles that are best for your long-term growth.

Pocket Love Game Tips & Tricks

Let’s see some helpful tips and tricks to play the Pocket love game more efficiently and upgrade your space faster.

  • Follow missions to earn coins and other surprises.
  • Gain XP and advance to new levels.
  • Take benefits of promotional offers and freebies.
  • Sell unwanted items to earn some extra money from them.
  • Home making overs easier by packing everything up.
  • Use Pocket Love redeem codes for rewards and easy upgrades. (PocketPride and PocketMoney are currently active redeem codes)


Can I play Pocket Love Offline?

Yes! Pocket Love is an offline game.

Is the Pocket Love game free?

Pocket Love is free to download on Play Store. But it contains in-app purchases. So, you can download Pocket Love MOD APK to enjoy all the game features for free.

Is Pocket Love available on PC Download?

Yes! There are PC versions of the Pocket Love game. So you can play it on your PC or laptop.

How many levels are in Pocket Love?

You can build your home up to eight floors in this game.

How do I get more money in Pocket Love?

You can earn money by playing mini-games, doing jobs, selling items, and many more tasks. But, if you download the Pocket Love MOD APK, you will receive unlimited money to spend in the app.

Is any secret password in Pocket Love?

There are redeem codes for Pocket Love. Then, you can use them for rewards and upgrades. Currently, active codes are PocketPride and PocketMoney.

What age is Pocket Love suitable for?

It is recommended for everyone above age 3.

How do I enter codes in Pocket Love?

Follow these steps to enter codes in Pocket Love.
1.Open the app.
2.Click the menu button in the left corner.
3.Click on the cog and then select the safe.
4.Enter your redemption code and submit it.

Is Pocket Love a single-player game?

Yes! Pocket love is a single-player game.

Pocket Love MOD APK Features:

  • Unlimited coins.
  • No in-app purchases (real money).
  • Unlocked all levels.
  • Unlocked all premium features.
  • Unlimited everything.

Download Pocket Love MOD APK

Now you can experience many benefits by installing Pocket Love MOD APK on your device. Just click the 100% free and secure link to download and install the Pocket Love MOD APK on your Android device.

Download Pocket Love MOD APK


Pocket Love is a realistic simulation game with a stunning user interface. You can start your dream life with a loving partner in this game. You can build and decorate your living space with many features. But you have to earn coins to purchase items and upgrade yourself. Then, if you download the Pocket Love MOD APK, you can get unlimited coins and unlimited features to do anything and everything inside the app.

Download Pocket Love MOD APK v1.12 (Unlimited Money)

Pocket Love Logo

You must earn coins and dollars (in-app money) to upgrade your lifestyle in this game. However, if you download the Pocket Love MOD APK from our website, you can do anything and everything to upgrade your life in the game at no cost.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game, Simulation

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