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Doll Designer Mod APK 1.3.3 (No ads)

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Ebony Lowe - 20/11/2021

Can't get enough of dolls? Download Doll Designer and play a running game where the goal is to create dolls. Pick up the right pieces along the way now.

The world of games is filled with running games that you can have fun with right now. Running is one of the most popular types of games available today, which you can enjoy anytime you want.

If you love exercising, then arcade running games are simply the ones to play in right now. But in today's article, we present to you a product of Lion Studios called Doll Designer. This is an obstacle racing game where the goal is to create attractive dolls!

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If you're a fan of playing with dolls, then you'll most likely enjoy this fun game. Here, there's a specific thing that you'll need to recreate at every level, and you'll go through a course filled with obstacles.

You should always pick the correct item and avoid the wrong one so you can recreate the thing or doll! Enjoy many types of dolls in various styles and colors now as well as many items. The game becomes more challenging the more levels you complete.

Pick up the Right Items

Playing with dolls is something a lot of kids enjoy doing today. Dolls allow kids to express themselves in fashion and beauty, which is why many parents buy these toys. They're perfect for kids and even pre-teens that love playing and dressing up beautiful dolls.

But what if you can play an arcade running game all about dolls? In Doll Designer, your goal is to create the doll that you see on the screen. Complete the doll set today by running through the obstacles.

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In this fun game, you'll need to have fun by going through various doll sets today! There are many levels here where unique courses are laid out with many items on the floor.

You'll need to pick up the right items to create the doll/item today. You must avoid the wrong items, so you don't mess up the doll or the thing. This is easier said than done, but it's a fun game that will test your skills.

Enjoy dressing up your dolls with killer outfits and various items!

Highlights of Doll Designer

Playing with dolls is something a lot of us enjoy doing today. In Doll Designer, you can create the perfect doll sets!

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Create doll sets – There seem to be so many games today related to fashion. We enjoy many blogs, shows, and even movies related to fashion nowadays that we can't get enough of. There's something so enjoyable as well with playing with dolls and dressing them up.

If you're that addicted to dolls, then you'll adore the game Doll Designer! This is a fun and unique arcade racing game that will test your reflexes and design skills.

In this fun game, you'll be able to recreate unique doll sets today! There are so many courses and doll sets that you can create here using only the items you pick up.

You can go through many courses today to pick up the right items to complete the doll set here. You can also transform a doll into the perfect recreation of the goal on the screen. You can pick up shoes, pants, shirts, go through a hair spray, and more.

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Go through many levels – There are so many enjoyable levels that you can have fun with here today. You can enjoy playing with so many levels in Doll Designer! Here, each level allows you to recreate a doll or a specific thing from the doll set.

Before the start of any level, you'll be able to see what you need to create so you can get ready for it. Along the way, you'll face many obstacles in the form of items that you can pick up! Enjoy challenging levels here now.

Pick up the right items – The game's goal is to create doll sets by picking up the things you need in the courses. There are so many items that are scattered across the courses. You'll need to avoid the wrong items; otherwise, your score will be lessened.

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You'll also need to have quick reflexes so you can pick up the right items today. If you're creating a doll, you can pick up various things like pants, shoes, dresses, wigs, and many more. You can also go through a pool full of different colors and hair dyes!

Enjoy designing dolls – If you love dolls and fashion, this game will let you enjoy many designs today. Have fun recreating the items and dolls!

Download Doll Designer Mod APK – Unlimited money

You can enjoy creating dolls sets in Doll Designer! Pick up the right items to clear the levels.

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