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DogLife: BitLife Dogs

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November 22, 2021 (9 seconds ago)
DogLife: BitLife Dogs
Candywriter, LLC
Top Dog, Time Machine
Android 4.4

DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK is a pretty weird game. You play as a house dog or a stray dog. Let’s see where the flow of your life leads.

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Introduce about DogLife: BitLife Dogs

How strange is a dog’s life? 

A strange dog transformation game

The taste of young people these days is to find strange games to try. The stranger it is, the more fun and excitement it gives. And if you are one of them having such a wild hobby, try DogLife: BitLife Dogs.

Without the gentle, standard appearance and initial impression like many other animal simulation games or pet games, DogLife: BitLife Dogs is somehow strange right from the game’s icon. Something was out of the ordinary. And it is even more evident when you go into the game.

It’s like no matter what kind of dog you choose to be, and no matter how old you choose to be, you will always be a three-month-old dog. It is fixed.

Yes, that’s it. In DogLife: BitLife Dogs, everything is tantalizing. From the situation presented to the dog to the way the text dialogues, the dog’s thoughts appear on the screen in a witty, playful, humorous way, or to the naming of the minor characters… It indeed brings a different color. Silly, funny, and crazy like nothing in the world. 

But it is that strange that makes many young people fall and are willing to spend hours looking forward to conquering the life path of each dog character in the game.

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How will things happen in the game?

Ok now rewind to the beginning of the game to see how it goes. You will be able to choose a dog from one of many different backgrounds: a house dog, a dog sold in a pet store, a stray dog, or a well-groomed, well-groomed dog that was cradled since birth.

After clicking the Start Life button, the fun will begin.

Throughout the dog’s life, you will encounter countless situations that need to be dealt with. This series of details is very lifelike, sometimes very witty.

For example, if you meet a pretty girl on the street, what will you do? There are 3 options: Bite, Run and Follow the girl to go home. If you choose to follow the girl to go home, the girl’s Satisfaction level is highest, but then you find out in her house, there are 7 cats and the house is not very clean, then your anger level will immediately reach its peak. But once you choose, you’ll have to start living in that messy house for the rest of your life.

And then the final boss kick is when you die and are properly buried, on the gravestone, there is a line that says “I was saved from a wandering life by a lovely girl. And since then, I have lived a leisurely life that is peaceful, full of love with the girl and 7 beloved cat friends in the house”. While the truth is that every day of your life, in that house, there is always a fight between you and those spooky cats. Ironic yet?

But take it easy. Take a few seconds to look at the gravestone, and then click ‘Start new life’ to turn a whole new page with a new dog species and new situations. The new game begins.

Life seems to be simple, but it is full of storms

DogLife: BitLife Dogs has a lot of small but attractive, amusing elements. It could be any situation happening in your home, on the street, in a shelter, or at the pet store, and it could come from any animal or person you encounter in your life. 

And to deal with these situations, you’re also equipped with the skills of a real dog. There’s a whole database of scents in your brain and nose, just If you smell something once, you will immediately remember the scents, the next time that animal or event appears, you will immediately detect and respond. The dog that you are playing with also has a range of skills such as: playing alone, barking or doing cute tricks to attract attention, having the ability to escape/ run away from riots, surrendering, provoking, or doing a series of other tricks to survive.

But rest assured that every time you die and start a different life with a different dog, you will have completely new situations. The excitement will always be F5.

You may not know, DogLife is the “dog” version of BitLife.

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