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DNS Roaming Client and Service Beta (Apache License 2.0)

9 months ago 25

Take full control over the DNS server computers in your network connect to and set up better rules or policies to protect them from malware

What's new in DNS Roaming Client and Service Beta:

Auto Update check every 3 days Option to Enable/Disable auto updates in Settings (default is enabled) NB: Auto Updates download from GitHub using the GitHub API and Octokit

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As the name suggests, DNS Roaming Client and Service is a tool that enables the proper configuration of the DNS servers. The tool addresses users who want to take full control over the DNS servers and customize it with various rules or policies, features that are not typically provided by the DNS a regular computer is connected to.

It is important to note that if there is no rule set in place for a given PC, then the app proceeds to create a default one. The rule is going to be applied when the computer is connected to any wireless networks or network addresses. At the same time, it sets the DNS server to Quad or CloudFlare to protect the workstation from malware more efficiently.

According to the developer, the program needs to be run as Administrator and can be especially useful when attempting to block malware from the managed workstations. In this sense, the developer even provides recommendations to set the DNS to Quad9 for wireless networks and or Subnets for Ethernet connections.

The application has two parts, namely a client that shows the status of service and the actual DNS service where users can parse the rules and configure the server. Configuring the tool is done via the XML file that is stored in the %ProgramData%\DNSRoaming folder.

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