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DNGuard HVM Professional Edition 3.99 (Trial)

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A .NET obfuscation tool that enable you to protect .NET assembly files in order to block reverse engineering attempts on your code

What's new in DNGuard HVM Professional Edition 3.99:

Add support for .Net 6 Preview/RC(beta). Improved HVM II Engine. Engine internal changes. Minor bugs fixed.

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It's only natural for programmers to try to protect their work using obfuscation techniques. Deliberate obfuscation makes the code difficult for others to understand and read, which makes it more cumbersome to insert malicious snippets into the original code to use it in cyber attacks.

There are various obfuscators out there that can be used to encrypt code. If you are a .NET developer, one of the alternatives you can opt for is DNGuard HVM Professional Edition.

Advanced obfuscation routines to protect Assembly code

DNGuard HVM Professional Edition provides advanced techniques to encrypt NET assemblies. With support for both EXE and DLL files, this application can apply code protection to the source code, used methods, blob heaps, strings, and managed resources. If HVM Technology is also used, then the assembly code is first transformed into pseudocode which, in turn, is encrypted before compilation, adding an extra security layer to the packages.

There are different encryption methods DNGuard HVM can use. The normal mode works as described above, but you can also configure it to obfuscate names and eliminate name heaps in the metadata. It features automatic renaming, as well as the dynamic obfuscation of the control flow. All the routines that DNGuard HVM Professional Edition applies are meant to prevent reverse engineering, in-memory dumping, JIT-compilation method catching, and other such advanced techniques.

Trial management options and x64 support

Additional options in DNGuard HVM Professional Edition enables you to activate a trial for your product, which is, in fact, another protection method to help you make sure the code is not abused. You can define a number of days or runs for the application, and provide a custom expiration message.

Support for x64 platforms is fully provided. In fact, you can opt for a full x64 optimization mode in DNGuard HVM Professional Edition, which makes sure your assemblies are fully compatible with 64-bit architectures.

A different approach to code protection

The advantage of DNGuard HVM Professional Edition is that it does not follow the same steps as other obfuscators. It does, however, make sure that your MSIL code is secured and encrypts one method at a time, avoiding to store the MSIL code in the application's memory. Due to its approach, you can also use it to process ASP.NET web based applications and third-party libraries without exposing your code.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONThe protected assemblies will only run for 30 days

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