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DisplayFusion Pro 9.8 / 10.0 Beta 6 (Demo)

2 years ago 189

Have your desktop adjusted as you wish, regardless of actual setup or settings, with this one-stop-shop for screen preference adjustment

What's new in DisplayFusion Pro 10.0 Beta 6:

Change: Added the "microphone in use" icon to the taskbar tray Fix: Resolved a regression with vertical taskbars Fix: Resolved an issue with taskbar element order Fix: Resolved a taskbar loading/flickering issue

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Dealing with intricate monitor settings and display adjustments can be confusing at times, if not irritating. DisplayFusion Pro is one solution to creating a simpler way to deal with these settings. This noninvasive tool will sit in the System Tray until you require its assistance. It won't bug you or ask you for various inputs. It's useful especially to users who don't have time to search and find all the individual desktop and monitor settings.

A menu filled with choices

Right from the start, the user will be dealing with a simple System Tray option list. Adjust the desktop wallpaper. There are specific settings for multiple monitor setups. Adjust the way icons are displayed. Create monitor profiles for easy switching between multiple settings when the usage scenario becomes different.

Word to the wise — if you want to fine-tune image positioning, have flipping and mirroring capabilities as well as blurring options, it would be in your best interest to purchase a Pro license key. If you can live without these more sophisticated features, the free version should be good enough.

Options for the demanding user

As if the first set of choices were not convincing enough, the application seems to be equipped with scenario-based settings for those users who'd like to test the app to its designed limit. As a result, depending on what you're looking for in this tool, you can opt for things like rotating wallpaper images for JPEG files containing EXIF information.

You can have wallpaper slideshows stop when your laptop's battery is running low. Unused temporary image files can be automatically deleted, thus making room for even more desktop adjustments. The animated wallpapers can also be set to not run when a full-screen program or game has been launched.

DisplayFusion Pro seems to be a tool designed for users who desire to have more options for tuning their machine's desktop and who subsequently don't want to waste too much time discovering the settings they need in intricately confusing menus.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION30-day trial. Reverts to free version after trial, with the following missing features: Wallpaper Profiles for saving multiple configurations Custom image position fine tuning per monitor Custom image scaling per monitor Custom image flipping and mirroring per monitor Custom image blurring per monitor Custom image rotation per monitor Custom image info (show wallpaper or system info on desktop) Load random images from your computer Load random images from many online sources Automatically fix wallpaper if display settings change SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMicrosoft .NET Framework 4.0. At least 64.7 MB of free disk space.

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