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DispCam 1.0.4 (Shareware)

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This application allows you to save your favorite Disney Plus movies and TV shows in MKV or MP4 format, in just a few simple steps

What's new in DispCam 1.0.4:

Optimize the program interface. Optimize the solution to Failed 25. Optimize the display of the output video cover. Optimize the "Pause" and the "Resume" feature.

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Saving online media content for offline use can serve multiple purposes, as one might be a passionate audio or video collector, and having the means to playback content locally can be a great asset to have. There are multiple programs out there that offer such functionality, both for audio and video content, but DispCam is focused on the latter.

Designed specifically in order to offer users a tool for downloading video content from DisneyPlus, DispCam comes equipped with a step-by-step download wizard, which offers users the means to save their favorite movies and shows for offline use.

Inputting the corresponding video URL is done manually, by using the provided field, or, by performing manual searches of the required content, using the same input field. Additionally, users have access to a range of settings that pertain to the output characteristics of the downloaded video content.

Consequently, one can select a preferred output format, the corresponding video quality, as well as the audio language. There are options for saving the audio description if it is available, and any 5.1 surround tracks, if there are any. Last but not least, a corresponding subtitle set and language can also be selected.

Limitations in the unregistered version

Limited functionality

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