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Detective Masters Mod APK (Unlock all items)

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Tae - 06/03/2022

If you’ve always wanted to become a detective, this is your chance! Download Detective Masters today and solve many challenging cases and get rewarded.

As the number of populations grows, the number of crimes go up as well. There are plenty of policemen all over the world today who are responsible for keeping the citizens safe and upholding the laws. As a detective, your job is to investigate crimes by interrogating suspects, talking to witnesses, gathering evidences and more. If you want to try this challenging job today, download Detective Masters now and enjoy! Here, you need to solve a variety of cases to earn money and progress.

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There are plenty of detective games you can play right now. But this one lets you experience the whole job as it is today! Here, you’ll face many unique cases involving different people and situations. You can enjoy quite a lot of games right now but this one lets you get it on the role of a detective thoroughly. Here, you can interrogate the suspects and choose the right responses to nail them today! You can also present them with different evidences to get them to confess.

Enjoy Detective Work

If you love detective games and movies, then surely, you’ve tried searching for detective games as well. There’s not as many detective games today as there are battle royale or action games. But this is what makes this game so unique since it attracts a niche market of loyal players. If you’re one of those players who love mysteries and getting things done, play Detective Masters today! This game lets you unleash your inner detective skills that you’ve been hiding.

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This game lets you unleash your detective skills in a string of cases all over the city. Here, you’ll need to find clues from crime scenes, interrogate suspects, show evidence, and discover the case! To be a good detective, you’ll need to be adept at sensing when people lie to you! Thankfully, you can choose your responses and actions in here so you can nail someone when they’re lying. You will also need to find clues in the crime scenes today.


There’s a lot of work involved in being a detective. But the most important traits you should have is being patient and cunning.

Detective Masters Features

If you want to be a great detective, this is your time to shine! Enjoy Detective Masters today and solve hundreds of cases.

Solve Cases – In the real world, there are plenty of crimes committed every day. No matter how peaceful a neighborhood may seem, there’s always something going on here and there. The job of the police then is to ensure the safety of the public and to catch criminals. So, as a detective, your job entails catching criminals by first finding clues, interrogating the suspects, finding out the truth and so on. This job isn’t for the weak-minded but if you have the skills, play Detective Masters now!

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This is one of the best detective games today because it features almost all of the detective work that real detectives do in the real world. Here, you’ll need to investigate crime scenes and find clues that might have been used in the crime. Then, you’ll need to interrogate suspects and see if they’re lying or not. You’ll need to use your best judgement to select the appropriate questions and responses. Then, you’ll need to identify the culprit and put them in jail!


Find Clues – The life of a detective isn’t easy as it involves plenty of mysteries and hard work. But if you’re up for the job, you can enlist as a detective in Detective Masters and solve crime cases all over the country. First, you’ll need to gather evidences from the crime scenes to incriminate the criminals. Here, the game gives you a list of objects that you’ll need to find in the crime scene today. Some are at plain sight but some are a bit harder to find!

Interrogate Suspects – One of the main jobs of a detective is to interrogate suspects. You see, almost everyone will not admit to the crime they did so you must make them do so. But to this, you’ll need to catch them lying by talking to them. Thankfully, you can choose your questions, statements and replies in this game today. Then, you can also see their heartbeat when they’re talking so you’ll know when they’re lying!

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Plenty of Cases – There are tons of cases today that needs your attention. Depending on the case, you may need to face a robbery, a murder, and many more! There are so many different types of cases and unique suspects to discover today.

Incredible Graphics – Enjoy vivid graphics and colorful gameplay today. The game lets you pick your responses and you can enjoy the interactive elements of this game.

Detective Masters Mod APK – Unlock all items

If you enjoy detective work, then download Detective Masters! Discover all the cases today and save the day.

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